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Established in 1958 and originating from the Department of Metallurgy of the former Guizhou University of Technology, the College of Materials and Metallurgy of Guizhou University has undergone 60 years of development. The College has gone by many names throughout the years: Department of Metallurgy of Guizhou Institute of Technology, Department of Metallurgical Engineering of Guizhou University of Technology, Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering of Guizhou University of Technology, College of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering of Guizhou University, and finally the present College of Materials and Metallurgy of Guizhou University. The College comprises the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Materials Physics, Department of High Polymer Materials and Engineering, Department of New Energy Science and Engineering, and one laboratory center. Among the 97 current faculty, 28 are professors, 29 are associate professors, and 50 hold doctorate degrees. The College has two provincial core experts, three province-level experts, five "One Hundred-Level Innovative Talents of Guizhou Province", 10 provincial Outstanding Young Talents, five winners of "Baogang Excellent Teacher's Prize", one winner of provincial-level Distinguished Teacher Prize, and two winners of provincial Excellent Teachers Prize. There are altogether 1,250 students: including 959 undergraduates, 255 master’s candidates, and 36 doctoral candidates. In 2007, the College was awarded "National Education Advanced Unit" by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Personnel.

The College has one first-level discipline doctoral program in Materials Science and Engineering; three second-level discipline doctoral programs in Material Science, Materials Physics and Chemistry, and Materials Processing Engineering; two first-level discipline master’s programs in Materials Science and Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering; six second-level discipline master’s programs in Materials Science, Materials Processing Engineering, Materials Physics and Chemistry, Nonferrous Metallurgy, Metallurgy Physics and Chemistry, and Ferrous Metallurgy; and two master’s programs in engineering in the fields of Metallurgy Engineering and Materials Engineering. There are some laboratories and research centers, such as, the National Composite Modified Polymer Materials Engineering Research Center; the National and Local Joint Projects Lab for High performance Metal Materials and Manufacturing Technology;  two province-level key laboratories of Material Structure and Strength and Metallurgy Engineering and Energy Conservation; one province-level engineering research center for Application of Laser Technology; and two province-level engineering laboratories for Rubber Composite and High Performance Metal Materials and Manufacturing Technology. The College actively promotes interdisciplinary cooperation and has formed four integrated innovation platforms in High Performance Metal Materials and Manufacturing Technology, Advanced Functional Materials and Manufacturing Technology, High Performance Polymer Materials and Advanced Preparation Technology, and Metallurgical Process Control and Metallurgical New Material Preparation Technology.

Standing at the forefront of advanced science and technology, adhering to technological innovation and serving the regional economy, the College has undertaken and accomplished a number of major national scientific and technological projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Nature Science Foundation. The College has achieved great accomplishments in the research and has effectively promoted the overall level of Materials Science and the development of related industries. In the last five years, the College has earned more than 20 provincial and ministerial-level technology awards, including two first prizes and five second prizes for science and technology progress in Guizhou province. The College has been granted 120 national invention patents and has published over 500 papers in academic journals and academic conferences at home and abroad, among which, 105 papers were collected by SCI, and 230 by EI.

The College has five specialties in Materials Science and Engineering, Materials Physics, High Polymer Materials and Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering, and New Energy Science and Engineering and recruits over 300 undergraduate students each year.  Aiming at cultivating inter-disciplinary engineering researchers, the College is developing multi-faceted specialty education on the basis of strengthening liberal education. Emphasizing the integration of theory with practice, the College provides comprehensive experimental courses, extracurricular technological activities, specialized training, production practice, cognition practice, and others courses to cultivate students' professional skills, abilities in solving practical problems, and innovation awareness. The College boasts two classes for outstanding engineers, two provincial-level excellent courses, and four university-level excellent courses.

In the training of graduate students, the College adheres to the core goal of cultivating innovative professionals with high quality, creativity, and competence, and is committed to building "research-based, management-oriented, and innovative" outstanding leading professionals in Materials Science and Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering.  The College has a reasonably-sized team of doctoral and master supervisors with a good structure of age, educational degrees, and academic background, and recruits over 130 postgraduates and doctoral candidates each year. The College has allocated the education resources rationally, and has improved the conditions of teaching platforms and laboratories. In the last five years, five master's theses have won "Excellent Master's Thesis of Guizhou Province", and more than 30 postgraduate students have won "Excellent Master's Thesis of Guizhou University".

For 60 years the College has cultivated a large number of talented professionals, outstanding in both ability and integrity for the development of the nation. The majority of the 7000 undergraduates and 1500 postgraduates have become the mainstay in all walks of life.

The College actively participates in international academic exchanges and cooperation and has established joint-training programs with world-renowned universities, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology in U.S., University of Manchester and University of Liverpool in Britain, University of Tokyo in Japan, and University of Queensland in Australia. It regularly sends more than 10 undergraduate and graduate students abroad each year for short-term study and visiting.

Bachelor's Programs

Material Science and Engineering
Materials Physics
Polymer and Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
New Energy Science and Engineering

Master's Programs

Materials Science and Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Materials Engineering (Professional Degree)
Metallurgical Engineering (Professional Degree)   

Doctoral's Programs

Materials Physics and Chemistry
Materials Science
Materials Processing Engineering

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