The Foreign Affairs Department of Guizhou University is the main authority responsible for the implementation of the University鈥檚 foreign policies; coordinating international exchanges; recruiting and providing necessary service for international students and teachers; and conducting cooperation and exchanges between Guizhou University and institutions abroad.

Duties of the Foreign Affairs Department
1. To be responsible for the communication and preparation of foreign visits arranged by State Ministry of Education, Guizhou Provincial Foreign Affair Office, Guizhou Provincial Educational Department, and Guizhou University, etc.
2. To be responsible for routines and logistical work of the Foreign Affairs Department.
3. To gather information of the reception of foreign guests.
4. To prepare publicity handouts and gifts for foreign guests.
5. To devise plans for employing long-term foreign experts, to arrange for their visa, residence, extension, and credential renewal; to plan weekend activities and vacations, etc.
6. To work out annual plans for inviting short-term experts and to arrange activities for them.
7. To hold international conferences and participate in the conference organization work.
8. To help different colleges, departments, and institutions establish cooperative relations with foreign counterparts.
9. To be responsible for marketing the university international programs, in particular the Chinese Language Program for Foreigners.
10. To be responsible for recruiting foreign students to study at the university at different levels.
11. To take care of visa and residence application and extension approval for foreign students as well as their daily life management.

There are two sections under the administration of the Department: Section for International Experts and Student Affairs and Section for International Exchanges and Cooperation.

The Foreign Affairs Department is staffed by 9 administrative members:

Staff of Foreign Affairs Department

Prof.Jin Kejian

Dr.Zhang Chengxia

Deputy Director

Deputy Director





Office for International Experts & Students

Ms. Xie Mingying

Mr.Liu Yu

Section Chair

Program Officer





Office for International Exchanges


Ms.Wang Wei


Program Officer


Tel: +86-851-3620187


Fax: +86-851-3621381




Office for Faculty International Training Affairs

Ms.Wang Jing

Ms.Zhong Hui

Section Chair

Program Officer

Tel: +86-851-8292213

Fax: +86-851-3621381



Office Attendants

Mr. Wang Zhuping

Mr. Mao Jianjun


Foreign Affairs Department, Guizhou University
Huaxi District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China
Post code: 550025