Micro-electronics and Solid Electronics
  Computer Software and Theory
  Pesticide Pharmacology and Toxicology


1st Level Subject
2nd Level Subject
Philosophy of Foreign Countries
Theoretical Economics
Political Economics
Law Constitutional Jurisprudence and Administrative Jurisprudence
Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence
Economic Jurisprudence
International Jurisprudence
Politics Marxist Theory, Ethnic Education
Sociology Demography
Chinese Language and Literature Chinese Language and Literature
Classical Chinese Literature
Arts Musicology
Fine Arts
Foreign Languages and Literature English Literature
Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
History Specialized History
Chinese Ancient History
Science Mathematics General Mathematics
Applied Mathematics
Operational Research and Control Theory
Physics Theoretical Physics
Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Geology Mineralogy, Geognosy, Gitology
Geology Geology and Paleontology
Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology
Mechanics Solid Mechanics
Mechanical Engineering Machinofacture and Automation
Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Design and Theory
Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science
Material Processing Engineering
Metallurgy Engineering Nonferrous Metallurgy
Electrical Engineering Electrical Power System and Automation
Power Electronics and Electric Transmission
Electronic Scienceand Technology Circuit System
Microelectronics and Solid Electronics
Information and Telecommunication Engineering Telecommunication and Information Systems
Control Science and Engineering Control Theory and Control Engineering
Computer Science and Technology Computer Software and Theory
Computer Application Technology
Architecture and Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Hydro-structural Engineering Hydro-structural Engineering
Chemical Engineering and Technology Chemical Technology
Applied Chemistry
Geological Resources and Engineering Geological Engineering
Mining Engineering Mining Engineering
Mineral Process Engineering
Light Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Fermentation Engineering
Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental Science
Environmental Engineering
Food Science and Engineering Food Science
Agriculture Crop Science Crop Planting and Farming
Crop Heredity and Breeding
Horticulture Pomology
Agricultural Resources Application Agrology
Plant Dietology
Plant Protection Plant Pathology
Pesticide Science
Zootechny Animal Heredity Breeding and Reproduction
Animal Dietology and Feed Science
Veterinary Science General Veterinary Science
Preventive Veterinary Science
Forestry Forestry Cultivation
Medicine Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacy
Management Management of Business and Administration Enterprise Management
Agricultural Economic Management Agricultural Economic Management
Forestry Economic Management
Management of Public Administration Administrative Management
Social Security


College of Humanities
Chinese Language and Literature
College Of Economics
International Economy And Trading Accounting
Finance Electronic Business
College of Management
Engineering Management
Human Resources Management
Industrial and Commercial Management
Administrative Management Public Service Management Labor and Social Security
Library Science Tourism Management Economic Management
Agricultural and Forestry    
College of International Studies
English Language and Literature
Japanese English for Science and Technology
Business English    
College of Law
Social work Science of Politics and Administration
College of Science
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Information and Computational Science Physics
Chemistry Applied Chemistry Material Chemistry,
College of Computer Science and Engineering
Science and Technology of Electronic Information Computer Science and Technology Electronic Science and Technology
College of Information Engineering
Information Security Information Management and Information System Communication Engineering
Educational Technology    
College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Mechanic Design and Manufacturing and its Automation Material Shaping and Control Engineering Agricultural Machines and its Automation
Industrial Engineering    
College of Electrical Engineering
Electronic Information Engineering Technology and Apparatus for Observation and Control Automation
Electrical Engineering and Its Automation (orientation: electric system and automation) Thermal-energy Engineering and Dynamic Engineering Power Engineering and Management (orientation: electric economy)
College of Material Science and Metallurgic Engineering
Material Science and Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Material Physics
College of Mining
Mining Engineering Mineral Processing Engineering for Construction Environment and Equipment
Security Engineering Surveying Engineering Construction Environment and Equipment
College of Resource and Environment Engineering
Engineering for Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering for Resource Survey Land Resource Management
Geographical Information System, Civil Engineering and Building Construction (foundation engineering) Geological Engineering (hydrogeology and environmental geology) Environment Engineering
Surveying Technology and Engineering Environment Science  
College of Civil Engineering and Building Construction
Architecture Urban Planning Urban Planning (Scenery and Landscape Planning)
Town Planning Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering) Civil Engineering (Traffic Engineering)
Civil Engineering (Foundation and Geotechnical Engineering) Engineering for Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power Water Supply and Sewerage Works
Industrial Design (Product Design) Industrial Design (Design for Visual Effect from Transmission) Industrial Design (Environment Design).
College of Chemical Engineering
Bioengineering Chemical Engineering and Technology Chemical Engineering and Technology (Pharmaceutical Engineering for Chinese Traditional Medicines)
Engineering for Process Equipment and Control Inorganic Non-metal Material Engineering Food Science and Engineering (Food Safety and Inspection)
College of Life Science
Biology Biotechnology Bioscience Pharmacy Engineering
Pasture Science Ecology Agricultural Resources and Environment
Food Quality and Safety    
College of Agriculture
Agronomy Chinese Medicinal Herb Cultivation and Verification Safety and Quality of Farm Products
Horticulture. Plant Conservation  
College Of Forestry
Forestry Water and Soil Preservation Gardens
College of Zoology
Zoology Veterinary Aquiculture
College of Art
Drawing and Painting Music Performance Arts Design
Drama Dance Sculpture
College of Vocational Education
Civil Engineering (applied technology) Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Its Automation (applied technology) Electronic Business (applied technology), Communication Engineering (applied technology)
Automation (applied technology), Computer Science and Technology (applied technology), Electronic Information Engineering (applied technology) Business Administration (management technology for material circulation) Tourism Management (applied technology)
Financial Management (applied technology) Chinese Language and Literature (for teachers’ training) English (for teachers’ training)
College of Armed Force
National Defense Education and Management