The history of College of Materials and Metallurgical (CMM) can be dated back to 1958, when the Department of Metallurgy of former Guizhou University of Technology (GUT) was established. CMM is now a teaching and research-oriented college opening undergraduate and postgraduate education, which has cultivated intelligent executives and professional technicists in the process of pursuing the preciseness and matter-of-fact attitude. Owing to all teaching stuff’s joint efforts, the college is growing harmoniously and steadily. In 2007, CMM was awarded “The national Reform Teaching Department” authorized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Personnel.

At present, the student population in CMM includes nearly 1200 full-time students, among which are 220 master candidates and 1051 undergraduates. Now the college has set up 4 departments for undergraduate education: Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Department of Materials Physics, and Department of Polymer Materials and Engineering. The quality of undergraduates’ cultivation has made much improvement and become a priority base for high-level talents cultivation. The college’s stuff members have been increased to 67, in which there are 61 full-time teachers (12 full professors, 25 vice-senior Titled teachers, 14 Philosophers of Doctor’s Degree, 23 teachers holding Master’s degree, 2 teachers studying on-the-job doctor’s degree, 2 experts who are the winners of special State Council allowance, 4 provincial managerial experts, 2 educatable technical youth talents in Guizhou province, and 45 graduate student tutors.)

Currently, CMM has a first-level discipline in Master’s Program (Material Science and Engineering), 5 second-level discipline in Master’s Program (Hylology, Material Process Engineering, Material Physics and Chemistry, Nonferrous Metallurgy, Physical Chemistry in Metallurgy), 2 Engineering Master’s Programs(Metallurgy Engineering , Material Engineering) . In 2006, “Hylology” was ranked as a provincial key discipline. “Material Science and Metallurgy Engineering” was classified as a key-constructed discipline of “211 Project” of Guizhou University in 2007. Later, Department of Material Science and Engineering was awarded first kind distinguished department by the Ministry of Education, provincial pilot department, brand-name department in our university; What’s more, the Department of Metallurgy Engineering was awarded distinguished department.

For the past 3 years, CMM has registered more than 100 research items of state and province and the research expenditure allowance is up to more than 44,000,000.00yuan. In these research items, the college has wan at least 10 national and provincial Technology Awards. In 2009, CMM took an active part in organizing and declaring various research items. In the same year, the newly-increased contractual funds reached 14,760,000yuan and the accounting price 9,020,000yuan. CMM has a provincial key laboratory (Guizhou Material Structure and Strength key laboratory) and 2 research centers (Material Research Center, Metallurgy Research Center) affiliated with Guizhou University in school. These centers are also supported outside the school by the National Compound Modification Polymer Engineering Technology Research Center and the Guizhou laser technology applied engineering research center, facilitated by a set of advanced research equipment.

CMM has established widespread co-operation in production, study and research with many big and key enterprises, such as Beijing Shougang Group, Guizhou Subsidiary Company of Aluminum Company of China, Guangxi Subsidiary Company of Aluminum Company of China, Jiangxi Copper Corporation, Guiyang Aluminum Magnesium Design &Research Institute and so on..