The College of Zoology of Guizhou University consists of 3 departments: Zoology, veterinary and Aquiculture. The College offers 3 undergraduate programs, namely: animal science, veterinary and aquiculture, and 4 officially authorized departments to confer MSc Degree and 2 MSc Programs.

There are 6 research institutes at the College: The Provincial Research Center of Embryo Transfer of Domestic Animals, Institute of Xiang Pig, Institute of Animal Nutrition and Feedstuff, Institute of Specialty Fishery, Institute of Poultry, and Chicken Farm for Scientific Research.

There are 755 undergraduates and 151 post-graduates. Among the 89 staff members, there are 16 professors and 27 associate professors. Thus there is a group of teaching staff with fine qualities, rich teaching experience, and good research ability. Some of them are taking a leading position in academic studies in the country, and enjoy special allowances from the State Council and the Provincial Government.

In addition, the College has developed cooperation with America, Canada, France, Thailand and New Zealand, conducted regular academic exchanges and hence accelerated its internationalization.

In more than 40 years, the college has fostered many talented students. Some have become famous experts and scholars; others have become leaders.