The College of Law of Guizhou University is subdivided into Law Department 1, Law Department 2, Sociology, Politics, Research Institute of Science of Civil and Commercial Law, Research Institute of International Law, Research Institute of Population and Sustainable Development, Research Institute of Population and Birth Control, Research Institute of Population and Anthropology, Research Institute of Document Expert Testimony, Information Center of National Cultural Material, and Research Center of Population, Society, and Legal System.

Now the College has 3 undergraduate programs in the areas of Law, Social Work and Management, Science of Politics, and Administration. The College also offers 6 Master’s programs in Demography, Science of Civil and Commercial Law, Science of Consultation and Administrative Law, International Law, Economical Law, Marxism and Ideological and Political Education, and the specialized program of Juries Master (JM). At present, it has 938 postgraduates, 1116 formally registered undergraduates, 400 correspondence college students and over 200 students for further studies. The Research Center of Population, Society and Legality at the College is designated as the research base for humanity and social science by the Provincial Department of Education.
The teaching faculty of the College numbers 106, with 24 full professors, and 44 associate professors.

Since 1997, the teaching staff at the College has published 23 monographs, over 535 academic papers, and has undertaken 28 research items at the State level or the Province-/Ministry-level. Of these items, the research achievements have won 1 second prize of China’s Population Science Award, 3 third prizes in the Provincial Award of Progress in Science and Technology, and 2 second prizes and 4 third prizes in the Provincial Excellent Achievements of Social Science Award.

The College has a collection of more than 1.4 million volumes of professional books, over 140 kinds of periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages, and 100 computers. Besides, it boasts modern teaching facilities such as the modern multi-function model law-court, the Center of Document Expert Testimony, psychological testing rooms and multi-media rooms. Accordingly, it is reputed as an ideal cradle for turning out high-level talented personnel of Law, Demography, Sociology and Political Science.