The College of Information Engineering offers 5 undergraduate programs, 3 MSc. Programs. There is one key specialty at the provincial level, one at the university level and one at the college level. The College has 2 officially authorized departments to confer MSc degrees.
Of the total 74 staff members, there are 14 professors, 15 associate professors, and 14 lecturers. There is a total enrollment of over 2000 in the College. The College enjoys advantages in such fields as industrial application of computers, information management system, information security, communication engineering, and teaching informatization. Great achievements have been made in fostering talent, scientific research and academic innovation. There have been 12 programs awarded the second or third prize for Scientific and Technological Development at the Provincial Level. More than 20 academic treatises and textbooks have been published. Therefore, great contribution has been made to the development of information engineering in Guizhou.

In the past 5 years, great improvement has been made in the hardware environment. The 3000 square meter information laboratory center comprises the Research Institute and Network Computing Library, the Research Institute and Multi-media Library, Laboratory of Network and Information Security, Laboratory of DWDM Metropolitan Area Network, Laboratory of Communication Engineering, Laboratory of the Computer Composition Principles and Application of Interface Technology, Laboratory of Electronic Circuit, Graduates’ Laboratory, Laboratory for Graduation Projects, and General Computer Room for Elementary Experiments.