The College of Science and Technology, founded with the approval of the Provincial Government of Guizhou and acknowledged by the State Ministry of Education as the first group of independent college, is a comprehensive college offering various kinds of full-time undergraduate programs.

To meet the needs of the market, the College takes as its mission the cultivation of high-quality personnel for the development of the West Region of China and revitalization of Guizhou by relying on science and technology. The College now provides popular specialties most needed by the development of economy and society, with nearly 18 undergraduate programs such as Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Communication Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism, English Language and Literature, Law, International Economics and Trade, Finance, Business Management, Financial Management, Administrative Management, Management of Public Affairs, and Tourism Management. These specialties include seven branches of learning: liberal arts, laws, economics, management, science, engineering,and arts. The College enrolls students in and out of Guizhou through the National College Entrance Examination. It began its enrollment in 2001, and now has 3,000 students. The graduates are awarded a regular college graduation certificate of the College of Science and Technology, Guizhou University, and also a Guizhou University Bachelor’s degree, after being reviewed by Guizhou University Academic Degree Assessment Committee.