The College of Foresty of Guizhou Univesity is a teaching institute integrating teaching and scientific research. It now has 4 undergraduate programs in Forestry,Water and Soil Conservation and Prevention of Desertification,the Forest Resource Protection and Recreation, and Gardening. In addition, there are 4 Master’s programs of Forest Cultivation, Ecology, Agricultural Popularization,and the Wildlife Protection and Utilization,which are approved to enroll formally registered and in-service postgraduates and authorized to confer Master’s degrees independently. At the College there are 2 comprehensive labs: the Dual-Base Lab of Horticulture and Forestry and the Lab of Forest Cultivation. The College is also home to 2 research institutes (Institute of Afforestation Ecology and Research Center of Karst Eco-environment) and 1 internship nursery. Due to strong teaching and researching, the specialty of Forest Cultivation at the College has become one of the first seven provincial Key Disciplinary Areas in Guizhou.

The College enrolls 659 undergraduates, 113 postgraduates and nearly 200 adult students who receive correspondence courses. The College has 51 teachers, of whom 35 are full-time staff. Of all the teachers, 14 are full professors, and 17 are associate professors.

Over the past forty years, the College has turned out more than 3,000 professional personnel of Forestry, Gardening and Water and Soil Conservation with different degrees for the country. This group of technological manpower has always made great efforts in work, making great contributions to the development of forestry, vegetation recovery and landscaping in Guizhou.