The College of Vocational Education is a college for cultivating qualified vocational personnel. It has an excellent educational environment and modern teaching facilities. There are also many off-campus bases for our students to take up their practice. The computers there (more than 1000) have been connected into a network and to CERNET and the Internet. As one of the national key vocational education bases for teachers, it has qualifications to offer training for some special occupations such as the security training for mining and related industries.

There are 8 departments (such as Department of Applied Computer Technology, Information Engineering Department, Management Department, Language and Literature Department, and Commerce and Trade Department) covering a number of specialties, e.g. engineering, economics, literature and management. The College offers multi-level education including postgraduate education, undergraduate education, secondary vocational education, adult education and short-term training. The enrollment totals over 4000.

The College has /// faculty members with 40 professors and associate professors and 80 lecturers. Much emphasis has been laid on scientific research and teachers are supported and encouraged to undertake research projects. Since 1998, there have been 3 awards (second prize) for Teaching Achievements at the Provincial level, and 2 awards (second and third prize) for Scientific and Technological Progress at the Provincial Level. More than 600 papers have been published.