Under the main keynote of "accelerating the development, speeding up the transition, and promoting spanning", Guizhou University’s sound, fast and better development needs not only a good moral character and academic attainments, but also to adapt to the requirements of educational philosophy. Times has given a new mission to Guizhou University, new challenges have also been presented. In the first year of the full implementation of the twelfth “Five-Year Plan", we have to keep up with the pace, and advocate the spirit of innovative thinking, we should continually increase in major reform efforts, accelerate the construction progress, and enhance the pace of development, strengthen the service depth in Guizhou University by valuing the history, taking living as the origin, respecting the teachers, and majoring the teaches. We will achieve such constructing goals for Guizhou University as regional characteristics, international influence, service needs of economic and social development in Guizhou, and the leading type of high-level university.









Guizhou University is committed to persistently inherit and promote the centennial historical culture and integrate itself into its regional characteristics, sticking to be a leading university with domestic and international influences that serve the community needs of Guizhou Province. We embrace high quality education as the fundamental, moral education as the first as our education philosophy. We aim at consistently improving the quality of education, training qualified personnel, and serving Guizhou Province. I strongly believe that our students will feel rewarding while studying at Guizhou University and our faculty and staffs will have the haloes of their working career at Guizhou University.