Founded in 1902, Guizhou University (hereinafter as GZU), with the motto of 鈥淚llustrious virtue, utmost goodness, extensive learning and earnest practice鈥� is persistently committed to be a leading university with regional characteristics that cherishes high quality education as the fundamental and serves the needs of the economic and social development of Guizhou Province and southwest China.

GZU is one of the key "211 Project" universities co-built by the Ministry of Education of the People鈥檚 Republic of China and the People鈥檚 Government of Guizhou Province; in 2012, it was listed as one of the 14 member universities of the Middle and Western China Comprehensive Strength Improvement Project.

Consisting of 33 colleges, GZU offers 136 undergraduate programs, 252 master鈥檚 programs and 55 doctoral programs, covering 11 branches of learning including philosophy, economics, laws, liberal arts, history, education, science, engineering, agriculture, administration, and art. At present, GZU has 55,121 full-time students and 4,003 faculty and staff members, and 2714 of them are full-time faculty members.

GZU places importance on developing international cooperation and exchange. So far, the University has established cooperative relations with more than 140 academic institutions in over 40 countries and regions. A number of 442 international students from over 30 countries or regions registered in GZU in 2014.

GZU established Guizhou鈥檚 first Confucius Institute in Presbyterian College, U.S. in 2009; since 2008, GZU has successfully hosted or co-hosted seven sessions of China-ASEAN Educational Cooperation Week; it is also a Demonstration Base for Cultivating Foreign Students authorized by the Ministry of Education, an institution offering Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Guizhou Province Government Scholarship and Guizhou University Scholarship for international students, and a Base of International Cooperation in Science and Technology authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China; GZU also plays active roles in IAUP , AUAP and other international organizations.

GZU has been accepting international students since the 1980s. At present, the College of International Education (hereinafter as CIE) of GZU boasts a team of experienced teachers and efficient course-settings. CIE offers Chinese language and culture courses to international students at starter, basic, intermediate and advanced levels comprising structured Chinese language classes as well as various culture classes. Besides, the College organizes regular extracurricular activities to immerse international students in Chinese culture and Guizhou ethnic minority cultures. The Chinese courses designed by CIE enable the international students to access the many top-notch degree programs offered by the University.