The College of Agriculture now has 5 undergraduate programs in Agronomy (including the areas of tobacco, seed and soil fertilizer), Chinese Medicinal Herb Cultivation and Verification, Horticulture, Plant Protection, Safety and Quality of Farm Products. Also, there are 8 Masters programs of Botany, Arable Farming and Cultivation, Crop Hereditary Breeding, Plant Nutrition, Zoology (Agricultural Entomology and Pest-insect Prevention), Phytopathology, Pomology and Agricultural Popularization, and 1 PhD program of Zoology.

The College consists of the specialties of Crop Breeding, Horticulture, Plant Protection, and is home to the Wheat Research Center, Corn Research Center, Oil Crops Research Institute, Rice Research Institute, Tobacco Science Research Center, Insect Research Institute, and Research Institute of Fruit-trees Resources in Karst Mountainous Areas.
The number of students at the College is more than 2000, of which 719 are ordinary full-time undergraduates, 180 are postgraduates, and 1200 are adult students receiving mid-career training or correspondence courses for four- or three-year undergraduate programs. The total number of the staff members is 119, with 62 full-time teachers, of which 22 are full professors, and 34 associate professors.

In the last ten years, the College, adhering to the guiding principle of developing applied basic theoretical research and applied technology research at the same time, has undertaken 225 research items at the University level or above, of which 115 are key research projects with funds of 26 million RMB, 96 praised and confirmed by experts, and 65 won awards. The researchers and teachers won 4-second prizes and 2 third prizes of the Award for Progress in Science and Technology at the state level, 3 first prizes, 13 second prizes and 51 third or fourth prizes of the Award for Progress in Science and Technology at the province-/ministry-level. They have published 26 monographs and more than 2,000 research papers in academic periodicals or journals at home and abroad. In addition, they have compiled 2 national textbooks concerning higher agricultural education, and over 20 provincial textbooks. The College also has offered consulting service on agricultural science and technology for more than 1.8 million person-times, and trained over 1.4 million practical core members for agricultural technology. By doing so, the College has made active contributions to the economic construction and social development in Guizhou.