The College of Electrical Engineering of Guizhou University currently has 6 undergraduate programs: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Technology and Apparatus for Observation and Control, Thermal-energy Engineering and Dynamic Engineering, and Power Engineering and Management. It also has 2 provincial key specialties and 6 masters programs.

The College enrollment is over 1600, including 100 post-graduates. The total number of faculty members is 86, including 35 professors and associate professors. In the past few years, there have been more than 60 research projects accomplished. More than 20 programs have been awarded the prizes for Scientific and Technological Development at the Ministerial or Provincial Level. More than 500 research papers and more than 30 academic treatises and textbooks have been published, and over 40 papers included in SCI and EI. The College takes a leading position, at home and abroad, in the research in many fields of the electrical engineering industry.

The laboratory for teaching covers an area of 4000 square meters and is equipped with advanced apparatus and equipment (with a total value of over 13 million RMB). Emphasis has been laid on the fostering of studentsexperimental ability and initiative. They have won many prizes in the National Challenge CupScientific and Technological Contest for College Students, Manufacturing Contest with Electric Technology and English Contest for College Students.

By now, more than 9000 students have graduated with bachelors degree, over 300 with masters degrees, and 2 with doctors degrees (based on a joint-program with another university). Working in different positions from decision-makers to workers, they have become an indispensable force for the construction of our country.