The College of Humanities of Guizhou University is a cradle for the cultivation of high-level social science professionals in Guizhou Province, and on the forefront of research in many disciplines.

The College consists of the Chinese Language and Literature Department, the Department of Journalism and Communications, the History Department, Philosophy Department, and the Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NOCFL). It covers three branches of learning -- Liberal Arts, History and Philosophy. There are now 6 undergraduate programs, namely, Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism, History,Philosophy,Tourism Management,and Culture Industry Management. There are also 13 Masters programs: Chinese Language and Philology, Ancient Chinese Literature, Aesthetics, Foreign Philosophy,Chinese Philosophy,Religion,Journalism, Ethnology,Tourism Management,Logic, Ethics, Ancient History of China, and Specialized History.

The College now accommodates 1421 formally registered undergraduates and 362 postgraduates. There are 157 faculty members with 24 professors and 39 associate professors. The College has turned out more than 6,000 professional personnel of social sciences for China, of whom some have become renowned experts and scholars in the country. Many hold leading posts at the province-/ministry-level or in the governmental departments at the prefecture and province level. All of them have become the backbone of modernization in China and of economic and social development in Guizhou.