The College of Science of Guizhou University is composed of the following departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Fundamental Courses Teaching. There are six institutions of scientific research and development: Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Institute of System Science and Information Technology, Institute of Industrial Economy, Institute of Applied Chemistry and Institute of Resource Chemistry. The College is engaged in the research and hi-tech application development of such specialties as Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computational Science, Physics, Optical Information Science and Technology, Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, and Material Chemistry. Presently, there are seven undergraduate programs, 2 province-level key disciplines, 6 research institutes and 7 Masters programs. Up to now, 3 specialties have carried out joint programs for PhD study with colleges and universities outside of Guizhou.

There are over 1,600 formally registered full-time students. At present, the number of full-time teachers is 165, with 30 full professors and 60 associate professors.

The College boasts a full array of advanced facilities for teaching and research, and has classrooms with modern multi-media equipment. Computer laboratories, with 100 computers all linked with the Education Network, have been set up here, providing faculty and students with opportunities to improver their computer literacy and conduct research. There are 4 reference rooms with a comparatively full collection of professional reference books and other materials. The College encompasses 2 provincial key laboratories, namely, the Provincial Key Laboratory of Great High-performance Computational Chemistry and the Provincial Key Laboratory of Photo-electronic Technology and Application. This lab has set up a high-performance concurrent operation system with an arithmetic speed of 300 billion time frequency per second, and opened a charge-free distance computer installation specialized in large-scaled chemistry computation, which ranks first in China and second in the world.

In recent three years, the College has conducted 60 research items and 15 lateral items from the National Natural Science Funds, the National 863 Planning Project, or from the project of tackling national key difficulties in science and technology, or from state-/province-/ministry- level research projects. The teaching and research staff have published 10 monographs or textbooks and over 500 research papers, and won 15 first, second or third prizes of Award for Progress in Science and Technology at the state level or at the province level.

The College attaches great importance to the academic exchange with their counterparts at home and abroad. It keeps constant exchange and cooperation with China Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and No.701 Research Institute under the Ministry of Astronautics Industry. Apart from that, it expands its academic exchange and cooperation with academic institutions in many countries and regions including America, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. Each year, a substantial number of teachers and research personnel are selected for advanced studies and visits in and out of the country. Meanwhile, renowned experts and scholars at home and abroad are invited to give lectures at Guizhou University.