All foreign students and overseas Chinese who are interested in Chinese language and Chinese culture or Chinese minoritiesculture, who are healthy, over 18 and below 60, who abide by Chinas laws and the general regulations of this university, are welcome to apply for the program.
Periods of study range from as short as 2 to 4 weeks, to as long as one or two years. The academic year is made up of two semesters. The spring semester begins on March 1 and ends on July 10, and the fall semester begins on September 1 and ends on January 10 the following year.
The four-week Summer School generally is held during summer vacation of the school, that is, during June and August every year. Two-week Winter Course generally is organized during the month of January.
For organized groups, flexible time arrangements may be made through consultation.
Short-term study programs begin at any time during the academic year.
1. The University offers a number of study modes
They include small group learning for non-native students; special individual tutoring; Summer school.
2. There are 14 contact hours per week at each learning levels.

3. Curriculums

1) For long-term refresher students
Intensive reading of Modern Chinese
Listening to Modern Chinese
Speaking Modern Chinese
Reading in Modern Chinese
Writing in Modern Chinese

2) For short-term refresher students
A flexible curriculum caters to the needs and requirements of the students. Generally, courses of Chinese ABC, speaking, listening as well as special lectures on Chinese culture and the ethnic groups in China are offered.

3) Optional Course (for an extra fee)
Chinese Culture, Outline of China, Chinese History, Chinese Customs, Chinese Idioms, Chinese Ethnic Groups and Religions, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, Magazine and Newspaper Reading, Writing Chinese Characters, Chinese Kongfu (including the shadow boxing), Chinese National Music and Dance, Chinese Cooking, and HSK Guidance, etc.

4. Extracurricular activities:

The Chinese corner, which is a free weekly conversation activity, is arranged where Chinese students from various departments share cultural experiences with the overseas students.

Social activities, which are provided free of charge, are generally conducted once a semester. These include sightseeing in Guiyang City or Guizhou Province, touring local factories, schools and villages, attending recreational activities, such as concerts, acrobat shows, and exhibitions.

Extra activities also include attendance at sports events and other arts activities of the university, and other opportunities for social interaction.

After completing the courses and passing the examinations, a certificate of Chinese Language Training in Guizhou University will be issued.
1. Application fee:
300RMB for applicants in China
500RMB for applicants abroad
2. Registration fee:
3. Tuition:
Long-term students:

* One academic year


* One academic semester


Tuition cannot be refunded when a student discontinues his or her studies for any reason after enrollment.

Short-term students



*One month


*Two Months


Tuition fees for short-term students are decided on the number of students, the number of weeks and class hours per week. Arrangement can be made through negotiation between students and the University.
4. Lodging:
Students are provided with accommodations in the University International Hostel. New students are required to stay in the Hostel at least for one semester. After one semester, he or she can choose off campus living.
The rooms and apartments come with a bathroom, refrigerator, telephone, TV set, electric heating and fan. Public Laundry facilities are provided for students use.
Upon arrival, a security deposit of 500 RMB is required from each student. When the student finishes his/ her study or moving out of the Guesthouse, the deposit will be returned if the room and facilities are kept in reasonable shape by the residents. Lodging agreement needs to be signed when moving into the Hostel.
To share a 3-person dorm room (separate bedroom, shared living room and bathroom): 500 RMB per month per student (electricity is charged separately).
To have a standard single room (with private bathroom): 600RMB per month per person(electricity is charged separately).
To have a standard single room (with private bathroom and kitchen): 800RMB per month per person(electricity is charged separately).
5. Other Cost
Food, medical care, travel and other expenses are the responsibility of the students. Medical services are offered at the campus infirmary or at Huaxi Hospital, which both are only a few blocks from the students' residence. Medical expenses are very reasonable.
Students may have meals in the nearby restaurant or eat in the university canteen at a cost of one dollar per meal.
1. Applicants can obtain a copy of the Application Form for Enrollment of International Students to Guizhou University by means of correspondence, E-mail or fax or phone call;
2. The Filled-out Form should be mailed, emailed or faxed to the Foreign Affairs Department two months prior to the opening of school and the application fee can be sent through banks;
3. Aside from the application form, the rest of personal materials needed for application include:
A. A copy of the front page of applicants valid passport;
B. Curriculum vita;
C. A copy of the latest educational certificate or diploma;
D. 6 copies of passport size photo;
E. Health check reports by government authorized hospitals with stamp.
4. Upon receiving the above documents, the Department will mail the applicants or their agents the Letter of Acceptance and Visa Application Form for Foreign Students to China (JW202);
5. In case of late application, a student may apply for a tourist visa to come to China. Upon his or her arrival, the university will assist the student in obtaining a student visa. In this case, a health check report is not needed before the student comes to China. But he/she should submit the rest documents to the Department in order to request a Letter of Acceptance. The student can obtain international certificate of health examination in Guiyang City with the help of the Foreign Affairs Department at a reasonable price, which will be accepted all over China for long term residence;
6. If the family members of students are coming together, they need to prepare:
A. A copy of the front page of their valid passport;
B. 6 copies of passport size photo;
C. Health check reports by government authorized hospitals with stamp;
D. Birth Certificate (for the children);
E. Marriage Certificate (for the spouse).
1. All expenses are required to be paid in full at the time of registration.
2. Students are expected to arrive two days before the new semester begins. The Foreign Affairs Department needs to be informed of the date and flight number or train number of students arrival in advance so that a free picking-up can be arranged.
Foreign Affairs Department
Guizhou University
Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China
Post code: 550025
Tele No: 0086-851-3620187, 8292213
Fax No: 0086-851-3621381
Contact person:
Ms. Xie Mingying
Tel: 0086-851-8292749