Secretary-general of China-ASEAN Center Visits GZU

(GZU News; updated: 2015-08-12)

        On Aug. 4th, Yang Xiuping, the Secretary-general of China-ASEAN Center, along with other delegates, visited Chinese Culture Academy of Guizhou University. Zheng Qiang, President of GZU and Ren Gangjian, deputy director of GZU Development Committee accompanied them during the visit.

        After the visit, both sides shared ideas at Ren Wen Hall of the Chinese Culture Academy. At first, Zheng Qiang briefly introduced Guizhou’s socio-economic development and the history and current development of GZU. He pointed out that a prosperous GZU is a boost for the local socio-economic development. He then stressed that GZU has paid great attention to the exchanges and cooperation with ASEAN, and has always seen it as a way for speeding up the internationalization of higher education. He said that GZU focused on the the construction of its ASEAN Research Center, aiming to cultivate talents with the knowledge of both China and ASEAN. He hoped that China-ASEAN Center would keep supporting GZU’s development and continue intensifying cooperation between two sides.

        Mrs. Yang Xiuping showed her appreciation for all the efforts made by Zheng Qiang, and expressed that China-ASEAN Center will continue to promote interscholastic exchanges and cooperation between GZU and ASEAN, which will surely score new achievements for China-ASEAN education cooperation.

Edited By Zhang Wenlong, Shen Lin