Vice Governor of Guizhou Province Surveys New Campus Extension Project

(GZU News; updated: 2015-08-12)

        On Aug. 9th, Chen Mingming, Vice Governor of Guizhou Province, headed for the construction headquarter of the extension project (second stage) of the GZU New Campus and inspected its progress.

        Chen Mingming first inquired about the progress the project and asked whether it would hinder the normal teaching plan and questions about fund raising and use during the construction. Yao Xiaoquan, General Secretary of the University Affairs Committee of GZU, and other leaders of GZU answered Mr. Chen’s questions.


        Chen Mingming then, accompanied by GZU leaders, surveyed the construction site like dormitories, student canteens and small theater.

        After the on-site inspection, Yao Xiaoquan requested that everyone should strive to complete the second stage of the extension project during summer vacation before the coming semester.

Edited By Zhang Wenlong, Shen Lin