GZU Welcomes New Graduates for Academic Year 2015-2016

(GZU News; updated: 2015-09-12)


On September 8, GZU celebrated the beginning of another school year and welcomed over two thousand new graduates.

Red banners with “Welcome 2015 New Graduates” were hanged at the Zhongshanyuan student canteen and relevant officials worked closely to ensure all students’ registration.

Moreover, GZU leaders including Party Committee Secretary Chen Jian, Deputy Party Secretary Yang Wei, and Vice President Zhao Degang all went to the registration site to show their concerns. Chen jian pointed out that each college should provide warm and thoughtful services for every students. He also went to one of the dormitories to meet face-to-face with one student from Kaili City. All of the work done by GZU had received praises from both students and parents.

Between Sept. 9-14, all new graduates will accept entrance education and military training.

Edited By Zhang Wenlong, Shen Lin