President Zheng Qiang gives the first lesson to 2015 postgraduates 

On September 13th, 2015, President Zheng Qiang gives the first lesson to 2015 postgraduates at the stadium of the north campus. The topic is “new platform, new vision, new start, new heights”. From this topic, President Zheng Qiang analyzes the subject of struggling for dreams among modern youth.


At the beginning of the lesson, President Zheng Qiang points out that students are the sole criterion of testing truth and emphasizes the right direction for students.

When talking about education mode, President Zheng Qiang stresses that teachers need to care about students other than using order or creed in class. He also indicates that education mode of present China does harm to students. Under this education mode, the creative and adventure spirit in students’ nature, and their anxiety for knowledge are diminishing.

President Zheng Qiang deeply rethinks the lack of patriotism for present college students. He criticizes present college students lack of cohesive spirit and expresses his worry about college students lack of confidence to long and glorious history, advanced technology and superior system of China.

After the lesson, the student Zhang, from College of Foreign Languages, says that President Zheng Qiang makes him understand, the love for the motherland is unconditional, and the status of the motherland is higher than that of money, and the awakening of patriotism has benefited him.

Edited by Kong QiaoShen Lin