Guizhou Provincial Party Committee Secretary gives a Splendid Lecture at GZU

On September 10th, 2015, Chen Min’er, Guizhou Provincial Party Committee Secretary and Governor of Guizhou Province, gives a lecture at GZU and expresses respect and greeting to faculty of the Province.


On the morning of September 11th, Deputy Secretary of GZU party Committee Luo Changjiang presides over panel discussion at administrative building. Teachers say that this is the most meaningful Teacher’s Day after taking jobs and the lecture of Chen min’er gives a direction for their teaching. And students learn a lot as well from this lecture. The student Wang Xunfeng, knows that he has to be a responsible person to family if he wants to be a useful man. Another student Li Yanlin, understands that she has to study hard and has great enterprise as a college student.

Moreover, Luo Changjiang points out that Chen Min’er attaches great importance to the education of Guizhou Province. This inspection and lecture inspires all educator of the Province, encourages teachers and students of GZU and gives a direction for students’ growth.

【Edited by Kong Qiao,Shen Lin】