Deputy Director of Regulation Department of MOST Visited Guizhou University

Guizhou University News October 10, 2015

        In the afternoon of October 9, An Shouhai (the deputy director of regulation department of MOST) and Wang Heng( the director of Guizhou Achievement Division of Science & Technology Department) visit Guizhou university for research accompanied by Chen Jian, (the Secretary of School Party) Li Junqi (the vice president of Guizhou university) and the heads of other school department.


        Before the Symposium, An Shouhai looked through the exhibition panels of enterprises in the science park and communicated with the undergraduate entrepreneur team in Liu Du Makers Factory. In the symposium, Chen Jian welcomed the visiting of An Shouhai. He said: “the Science Park in Guizhou university is one of the 10th science parks of national universities approved by MOST and ministry of education. In recent years, we have made some achievements in the transformation of science outcomes, “incubation” industry, talent cultivation, etc. We also hope to comprehensively improve the ability of resource integration in the science park as well as the management and creation with the help of Guizhou Science & Technology Department.