GZU Celebrates 2015 Opening Ceremony for Undergraduates

(GZU News; updated: 2015-10-10)

        On October 10, 2015, GZU celebrated the beginning of another school year at the Stadium and welcomed over seven thousand new undergraduates. Guests presented were Party Committee Secretary Chen Jian, President Zheng Qiang and other leaders. Deputy Party Secretary Yang Wei presided over the celebration.

        The First Writing Ceremony, also called Qi Meng (Enlightenmen) Ceremony, was a very important ceremony for every student before they were admitted to school. Students were required to dress themselves neatly, gratefully thank their parents and teachers and ready to learn a lecture on basic principles of behavior.

        Later in his speech, President Zheng Qiang regarded all students as GZU’s source of vitality. He hoped that every one of them should not only be committed to studying, but also foster their independence. He wanted each one of the students to have gained something before graduation and said GZU will certainly be proud of them in the future.

        In the third stage, representatives of scholars from five major fields of study lectured the students. They all wanted the students to improve their critical thinking, problem-solving abilities. In the final stage, parents and students representatives addressed the students respectively and the leaders and scholars wear university badges for students representatives.

Edited By Zhang Wenlong, Shen Lin