President Zheng Qiang:GZU Belongs to Guizhou(英日版)


       In recent years, the rank of all kinds ofuniversities has come together. However, what is the standard of a gooduniversity? Facing the variety of lists, Zheng Qiang, the deputy to theNational People’s Congress, the president of GZU, gave his views that: GZU Belongs to Guizhou.

In the face of university ranking, Zheng Qiang insists that the status of university significantly depends on theservice ability to the local development. In other words, the performance andstatus of the university must see the degree of support and devotion to thisplace.

Rooted in and facing Guizhou province, representative Zheng Qiang said that in recent years GZU had offered a batch ofcharacteristic specialties serving the development of local economy and societyin some colleges including the College of Liquor-making and the College of BigData and Information Engineering. Recently we have been making arrangements forTea College of GZU with MeitanCounty. There are fivebiggest business cards promoted in Guizhou,including smoke, wine, tea, tourism and the traditional Chinese herbalmedicine. Now we have built the “Five Golden Flowers” to cultivate the talents.To live up to this great cause, we only return the love of the whole provincepeople for us.

GZU has made considerable progress byinsisting on serving the local place and diversified school-running strategy.The representative Zheng Qiang told that an academician of ChineseAcademyof Engineering and two Changjiang Scholars were elected in GZU in three years.And over 30% among the teachers has a doctoral degree. The key to improve thehigher education of Guizhouor central and western regions is talent support and cultural self-confidence.In the second year of the twelfth Five-Year Plan period, the CPC CentralCommittee launched the promotion program of central and western regions,including allocating one hundred million to support the construction offourteen universities per year. But the support from this program only lastsfour years. Now we hope that the support to the universities should be givenfor another five years.

Edited By Zhang Jingwei,Shen Lin】