The Target Performance Assessment Group of 2015 Come to GZU to Inspect the Work(英日版)


On the morning of March 9th, the Target Performance Assessment Group of Provincial Party Committee and Department of Education, under the lead of Liao Yixiang , came to GZU to listen to the report of the target performance assessment of 2015. Yang wei ,the vice General Secretary of the Party Committee of GZU,presided over the meeting and gave a report on GZUs development situations of 2015 from six aspects.

After the report, the assessment groupcheckedrelated materials , inspected the utilization for construction of infrastructure facilities in new campus,and had a random inspection ofmanaging target performance ,  then they gave a grade to the teaching staffs and students.

In the afternoon, the Target Performance Assessment Group gave a feedback of the assessment. Liao Yixiang highly appreciated that the good performance in the target performanceassessment of 2015,he said that our school has made a great progress in party construction ,schooling level,teaching quality,scientific research level. he hopes that our school would continue to promote target managing level,and play a leading role in the universities of Guizhou.

Appropriate persons and members of Target Performance Assessment Group presented at the conference.

【Edited by: Wang Menglin, Shen Lin】