Volunteer Activity to Learn from Lei Feng’s Spirit(英日版)


On March 5th, the volunteer activities of cleaning the classroom, conducted by Student Union and Yong Volunteers Association of GZU, taking the theme as Purify the Academic Atmosphere, Beautify the Campus Environment, commenced in front of the west teaching building in west campus. More than 200 people, including teachers from Youth League Committee, staff of Hongtai Property Management Company, student cadres of several student organizations and student representatives, participated in the activity.

At the launching ceremony, Wang Rui, the president of Student Union, read the proposal for this volunteer activity. She called on young undergraduates to positively put Lei Fengs spirit and voluntary spirit into practice, say no to all uncivilized behaviors and make ones own effort to beautify our campus. Then, specific plans and grouping were announced.

After that, all groups started to clean distributed zones. The main task is to clean walls, desks and chairs of some classrooms in east and west teaching buildings, and improve the campus environment. Relying on hard work and harmonious cooperation, students successfully finished prospective tasks.

Our young students perfectly showed their positive attitude in this activity. They were not afraid of difficulties, but use their practical action to prove Lei Fengs spirit. At the same time, thiscan help students to spread voluntary spirit and motivate their sense of ownership, which has important meaning for shaping positive atmosphere around school and promoting construction ofNew Civilized Campus, New Beautiful Campus , and New Harmonious Campus.

It is reported that the Student Union will put up proposals to instruct students to cherish campus environment and cleanness of classroom. Student unions of respective colleges will organize to clean all campuses later on. After cleaning , they need to have a disscusion and mutual communication to deepen significance and influence of this activity.

Edited by: zhang Haibo, Shen Lin


貴州大学ニュース(団委 撮影報道)3月5日昼頃、キャンパスの環境美化、精神文明建設学風建設を推進するため、校内生徒会校内青年ボランティア協会に提唱された「純風活動、校庭美化」テーマに校内西キャンパスの西ビルで「3.5教室掃除」ボランティア活動のスタートセレモニー行われました学校の団委の指導教員、宏泰ビルマネジメント関係者、各部活の学生幹部及び青年学生代表を中心に合計200名を越える人が出席しました。