China-Australia Universities Teachers’ Training Seminar


On7th April, in Guizhou University, the U.N.Association of China(UNA-China) held the China-Australia Universities Teachers’Training Seminar.

Thistraining has expert’s instructions, college community’s construction andacademic training. More than 110 guests attend this seminar, including Sal-lie Geary,from the U.N.Association of Australia, professor Ruan Hongmei, fromNorthwestern Polytechnical University, professor Xiaosu, from Sichuan InternationalStudies University, and  professor KuangShouzhong, from National University of Defense Technology and so on.

The UNA-China holds the first China-Australia MUN(Model United States) Teachers’Training Seminar by continuous innovation in practice, such as annually holdingthe training courses for the knowledge of the United Nations(UN), the ChinaNational Model United Nations(CNMUN), and capacity-building courses forinternational servants and other mature projects, and also compiling and printingthe “Guide Book of China National Model UN Conference”,and participating theactivities of MUN(Model United Nations) for twice.

Through this training seminar, the teachers of MUN not only access tothe knowledge related to the UN, but also get experience to hold the MUNactivities.


今度のシンポジウムで、専門家の講座もあったり、学生会の運営もあったり、また学術の訓練もあった。110人余りの中外ゲストが参加した。オーストラリア国連協会のSal-lie Geary様、西北工業大学外国語学院阮紅梅教授、四川外国語大学国関学院院長肖粛教授、国防科技大学人文と社会科学学院国防言語系主任況守忠教授などの専門家たちによって、講習会をされた。全国の各大学から110人余り集まった。そのうち、貴州省以外に34校の大学、約60人で、省内12校の大学、約40人参加した。