Representatives from the American Peace Corp of Chengdu Branch Visited Guizhou University

Representatives from American Peace Corp of Chengdu Branch visited Guizhou University, carried out the investigation about working and living situation of foreign volunteers and gave advice on the design of English courses of Guizhou University. 
There was a meeting held in the meeting room, directed by Jianfang Wang, the dean of the Foreign Language School. People attended the meeting are: Chengxia Zhang, deputy division chief of the office of International Relations; Lihua Tan, vice president of Foreign Language School, as well as Ningmei Chang, Kui Zhui, Allisa and Ting Tian.
An important suggestion was given by Allisa and Kui Zhu, that is, more deeper and broader co-operations and communications should be carried out between foreign teachers and leaders and teachers of Foreign Language school. Meanwhile, to achieve optimal outcomes, courses and lectures about culture should be designed based on the interest and hobbies of foreign teachers and students.
The visit has enhanced the cooperation and communication between the American Peace Corp and Guizhou University.