A visit by chairman and delegates of Guizhou Sodality of Britain

Mr. Yang Song, Chairman of the Guizhou Sodality of Britain, with delegates makes a visit to GZU on April 2, to promote Sino-British cultural exchange and further strengthen educational and cultural exchange between GZU and British universities. An informal discussion is held between them and heads of relevant colleges and departments of GZU. Mr. Yao Xiaoquan, the school party secretary, Mr. Feng Xiaolun, executive vice president, and Mr. Xie Tiankai, assistant inspector, attend the discussion. Mr. Yao attaches great importance to the British Sodality’s visit, and he has made a detailed introduction to the delegation of the history of the development of Guizhou University. He says the visit of Mr. Yang Song and his delegation is bound to bridge more educational and cultural cooperation between Guizhou University and British Universities. He extends his heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Yang Song for his efforts to promote education in his home province.
Mr. Yang has expressed his thanks in his speech to Mr. Yao for his warm reception. He says that as an overseas Guizhouer, he sincerely hopes to do whatever things he could for Guizhou University. He hopes that the Guizhou Sodality of Britain could bring opportunity for Guizhou University and British universities to carry out more extensive cooperation and exchanges, such as cooperation in running schools, scientific research, IELTS training, CPA training, student summer camps and so on.
Heads from School of Management, College of International Studies, College of Humanities, College of Life Science, the Middle School attached to GZU, and the Youth League are all present in the discuss and have expressed their ideas.
Mr. Feng makes the concluding remarks. He sincerely hopes that both sides could strengthen cooperation and exchange in various aspects, and he also expresses his gratitude to Mr. Yang for his efforts for the development of GZU, inviting him to return home frequently.
Mr. Yao introduces to the delegation in detail the planning and construction of the new campus in his office at 2 pm. Subsequently, the delegation have a tour around the campus, visiting the Culture College, Sports Center, the new campus site and Museum of Natural History in the south campus. Colorful University life, high quality of sports facilities, the cultural atmosphere and a rich collection in the Museum leave the delegation a deep impression.
Both sides believe that the visit by Mr. Yang and his delegates will surely bring further cooperation between GZU and British universities.