Visits to Ecuador and Mexico

Under the invitation of Central University of Ecuador and Sonora Institute of Technology Mexico, President Chen Shuping and Vice Director Zhang Chengxia of International Exchange and Cooperation Office, GZU, paid a visit to these universities from July 16 to July 22, 2011.
An agreement of cooperation is reached with the Central University as the following:
1. Guizhou University to open in September 2011, an elective Spanish language course, inviting teachers from Central University to teach Spanish while learning Chinese in Guizhou University. And to send teachers to teach Chinese while learning Spanish in Central University.
2. To explore the possibilities of the establishment of Confucius College or Confucius classrooms.
3. To start staff exchange and cooperation in mining, Chinese Traditional Medicine (especially acupuncture), agriculture (mainly flower cultivation). Both sides send 1-2 English-speaking teachers to visit and exchange before the actual articles of cooperation are finalized.
4. Guizhou University to invite Mr. Gu Jiafeng the embassy cultural attache to give lectures on Latin America and Mexico in Guizhou University
The delegation also visited museums, Department of Engineering, Language Centre, College of Agriculture and flower plantations of the Central University.
During the visit, Chinese Ambassador to Ecuador, Mr. Yuan Guisen hosted the delegation at the Embassy. Ambassador Yuan attaches great importance to cooperation and exchange of Guizhou University and Central University and says that the embassy will give full support and cooperation.
On July 20, the delegation visited Sonora Institute of Technology Mexico. The delegation had a discussion with the president and heads of various departments of the university, and then visited the school's software technology park, student laboratories of business administration, information center, training center, cow-raising center, and greenhouse vegetable base. The focus of cooperation between these two universiteis mainly falls on student exchange and research cooperation. SIT has similar research centers with GZU, such as biotechnology, waste water treatment, pesticides, and chemicals. Dr. Pablo Gortes Moroyoqui, the Center Director wishes experts and scholars from GZU to conduct collaborative research with them.
The delegation's visit to Ecuador and Mexico is a success, especially in deepening understanding between South American countries and Guizhou Province, and has established a platform to promote bilateral educational and cultural exchanges and friendship.