A Korean Culture Festival

Guizhou University and Hanyang University

—A Korean Culture Festival



“Guizhou University and Hanyang University—A Korean Culture Festival”, sponsored by Hanyang University, South Korea and Department of International Exchange and Cooperation, Guizhou University, China, and organized by College of International Studies, Guizhou University, was held on July 4. The festival is designed to offer students from Guizhou University an opportunity to experience Korean culture, as well as preparatory classes and an introduction for students who are interested in going to Korea to study. This festival is an event that has strengthened the friendship between these two universities and countries, and expanded channels for international communication.
Hanyang University, famous in South Korea, is friendly cooperation university of GZU. Founded in 1939, Hanyang University has a 70-year history, hosting more than 25,000 undergraduates and over 7700 graduate students, with more than 1000 good professors and advanced equipment.
The Korean Culture Festival began in the Roman Square (in front of the library), North at 15:00 on July 4. Mr. Bai Zheng, Party Secretary of College of International Studies, attended the festival and made a speech.
Festival began with drum performances by 10 students from Hanyang University, winning applauses from the audience again and again. Followed was modern Korean dance and music performance by Korean students, bringing the festival to a climax. Finally, the Korean students performed taekwondo dance together. The uniformity of their movements and skills in Taekwondo Festival drew a successful conclusion to the festival.
After the wonderful performance, other small activities were held, such as trying on hanbok, Korean calligraphy and Korean games. teachers and students present participated happily in the games and took pictures with students from Hanyang University, which further promotes cultural exchanges between China-ROK students, and offers a chance for students from GZU to truly appreciate rich and wonderful culture of Korea.
The Korean Culture Festival brings teachers and students of GZU an audio-visual experience of Korean culture, deepening understanding of Hanyang University, and also offers a platform  for future cooperation and exchange between two universities.