A visit by Japan Kyoshin Company

A delegation from Kyoshin Kabushiki Kaisha (Kyoshin Co,. Ltd) of Japan visited GZU on 24 June. President Chen Shuping, assistant inspector Mr. Xie Tiankai, Deputy Director of Department of International Exchanges and Cooperation Ms. Zhang Chengxia, and heads of College of International Studies, School of Economics, College of Agriculture, College of Science and Funding Management Center, received the guests and held a friendly discussion.
Mr. Xie presided the meeting. He first extended his warm welcome to Mr. Tachiki Sadaaki, chairman of Kyoshin Kabushiki Kaisha and his entourage. Mr. Tachiki Sadaaki came to GZU in March to participate the sixth Japanese Culture Festival. He was so deeply impressed by the school that he set up a 20,000 yuan scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students of high academic achievements in GZU. The five students who received scholarships were from College of International Studies, School of Economics, College of Science and College of Agriculture.
At the meeting, President Chen Shuping signed a cooperation agreement with Kyoshin Kabushiki Kaisha on behalf of GZU. Meanwhile, Mr. Tachiki Sadaaki awarded the scholarship and certificates to the five students. He stated that he could make continuous devotions to the education of Guizhou University.
Finally, Mr. Chen made ​​a concluding statement. He said that education is the most noble cause, and he was very grateful for the help to promote education in GZU from Kyoshin Kabushiki Kaisha, and hoped both sides would continue cooperation to speed the development of education.