Visit to Colleges and Universities in the U.S. and Peru

(2015-04-09) During 24th March to 1st April, Yao Xiaoquan, the General Secretary of the Party Committee of Guizhou University, was invited to University at Buffalo and Presbyterian College in the U.S. and the Catholic University of St. Mary in Peru for educational communication, as well as the delegation consisting of Zhou Jie (Dean of College of Foreign Languages),Jin Kejian(Deputy Secretary of College of Foreign Languages),Liu Feng (Professor of College of Humanities) and Liang Henggui (Deputy Director of Party Committee Office). For more interschool cooperation, the bilateral leadership conducted friendly and pragmatic talks, reaching highly consensus on discussion.



On 25th March, the delegation firstly visited University at Buffalo and had an informal discussion with Yu Jiyuan, the Dean of the Confucius Institute at the University at Buffalo. Mr. Yu introduced the teaching management, books construction, Chinese language teaching program and community cultural activities to our delegation and shared experience of managing the Confucius Institute with them. After the discussion, on behalf of respective university, Mr. Yao and Mr. Yu exchanged souvenirs to show friendship.


On 26th March, our delegation attended the board meeting of the Confucius Institute in Presbyterian College to discussing how to strengthen bilateral friendly cooperation and expand the development scale of Confucius Institute with Claude·Lee, the president of Confucius Institute and Dr. Liu Zihua, the Dean of the Confucius Institute in Presbyterian College. Mr. Yao and Mr. Lee signed the Memorandum of cooperation Between Gui Zhou University and Presbyterian College. According to the Memorandum, GZU would select Chinese teachers for Confucius Institute, give more support in administration and technology and develop the Chinese research programs and Chinese courses for Presbyterian college.


On 27th March, president Thacher, expressed warm welcome to our delegation as well as, Gonzalo and Maksim, two vice-president, and Delphi and Peng Qigui, two Deans of the Confucius Institute of the Catholic University of St. Mary. Then, bilateral relative leadership had an informal discussion about all aspects of the Confucius Institute. They all hoped to get consensus on the exchange of teachers and students as soon as possibly. In addition, in Peru, our delegation talked with relative experts about Chinese Culture and Inca Culture, obtaining relevant information and expanding their horizon.

On the 9-day visit, Mr. Yao Xiaoquan and Mr. Liu Feng respectively conducted academic reports, the Inclusiveness of Chinese Culture and the Gui Zhou Mountain Culture, in the three colleges and universities, to spread Chinese culture and Gui Zhou culture, improving GZU’s international influence, and also to promote the global cause of Chinese Development.



【Edited By Julia,Shen Lin】