GZU Students Awarded “Honorable Mention” in the 2015 MCM/ICM Contest

GZU News (Hu Zhijun, 2015-04-14)

        The team of GZU was designated as “Honorable Mention” after the 2015 MCM/ICM contest from Feb. 6th to 10th. It’s the first time for GZU to participate in the contest and get an award.

The MCM/ICMcontest is an international multi-day mathematics competition for high school students and college undergraduates held annually in USA since 1985 byCOMAP(the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application)and sponsored bySIAM, theNSA, andINFORMS. The 2015 MCM/ICM is a global competition with network communication and tens of thousands of teams participated in it.

        The team of GZU consisted of undergraduates from College of Science(Zou Jiahui and She Qianhai) and College of Economics(Jia Tiantian), and Hu Zhijun, the professor of College of Science, was the faculty advisor of the team. Consideringboth Zou Jiahui and Jia Tiantian had come out in front in the 2014 CUMCM(Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling) contest, Office of the Dean of Studies and College of Science thought highly of the team and provided the team with an office for research.


        The contest contains two parts, MCM(Mathematical Contest in Modeling) and ICM(Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling). Teams have 96 hours to research and submit their solutions in the form of a research paperin response to one of two modeling problems. Problems in 2015 include:

A. Eradicating Ebola (MCM)

B. Searching for a lost plane (MCM)

C. Managing Human Capital in Organizations (ICM)

D. Is it sustainable? (ICM)


Edited by Huang Shichuan, Shen Lin