Southeast Asian Students Celebrated Songkran Festival at GZU

GZU News (Wang Bo, Wang Mingrun, Lv Xian, Jiang Jiqin, 2015-04-15)

         On April 14th, international students from the College of International Education of Guizhou University celebrated Songkran Festival(Water-Sprinkling Festival) in the small square near the No.8 student apartment of north campus. Traditional ceremonies and wonderful performances with Southeast Asian characteristics were shown here.

The Songkran Festival is celebrated in Southeast Asia, like Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia, as the traditional New Year’s Day from 13 to 16 April. The traditional water pouring is meant as a symbol of washing away all of their sins and bad luck, and it sometimes has fragrant herbs added if celebrated in the traditional manner.


          The celebration began with various traditional ceremonies, delivering the best wishes in the New Yearof Buddhist solar calendar. Besides, candles dance performed by Thai students, group dance titled “Happy New Year” by Lao students and “Robam Kos tramlork” by Cambodian students altogether made the celebration come to a climax. Moreover, students present were pouring and shooting water throughout the celebration and ended up with an interesting Cambodian game.

          Zhu Li, a student from Yangming College, said that the celebration broadened her outlook for she can enjoy delicious food, amazing dance and blissful pouring.

Liang Xue, Vice President of College of International Education and the leader of the celebration, concluded that such an activity held by international students is of great benefit to facilitatie cultural exchanges.


Edited by Huang Shichuan, Shen Lin