The 101st National Training Course for Counselors of Colleges and Universities Held in GZU

GZU News (YinZixi; updated: 2015-04-28)

On April 27th at9:00 a.m., the opening ceremony of the 101st National Training Course forCounselors of Colleges and Universities on “Reinforcing Education withExcellent Traditional Culture” was held in the Academy of Chinese Culture ofGuizhou University. Those who attended the ceremony were leaders from GuizhouProvincial Education Department and Guizhou Univerity.

Zhao Tingchang,Deputy Secretary of Guizhou Provincial Education Committee, and Yang Wei,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Guizhou University, each delivered aspeech at the opening ceremony. They both centered on the significance of thedevelopment of college students’ quality education and core values with Chineseexcellent traditional culture.

The 3 days’courses included 7 symposiums covering Chinese traditional culture, Guizhourevolutionary culture, core values of socialism, etc.

Edited by Huang Shichuan, Shen Lin