A Seminar on ‘Philosophy and Contemporary Value of Chinese Traditional Culture’ Between Cross-Strait Scholars

GZU News (LiuJiafeng; updated: 2015-04-30)

   On the afternoon ofApril 27th, 2015, a seminar on “Philosophy and Contemporary Value of Chinese TraditionalCulture” between scholars from both sides of Taiwan Strait, jointly organizedby Guizhou University(GZU), Fu Jen Catholic University(FJU), and RenminUniversity of China(RUC), was held in Guiyang Confucius School. Experts,professors and scholars who attended the 2 days’ seminar were totally nearlyfifty.

Morning, April 26th, the openingceremony of the seminar held in the Academy of Chinese Culture of GZU.

Song Baoan,Vice President of Guizhou University, made a welcome speech and felt glad tohave scholars from both sides exchange their ideas.

    YouHuangjie, Dean of the Department of Philosophy of FJU, and Yao Xinzhong, Deanof the School of Philosophy of RUC, each made a speech that focused on thefuture development of academic exchange between cross-strait scholars.

Zhou Zhijiang, DeputyDirector of Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius School,accompanied with distinguished guests came afar, visited the school.

Professor Wen Haiming, ViceDean of the School of Philosophy of RUC, made a conclusion that such seminar isa boom in the Theory of Wang Yangming to Chinese intellectuals and we shouldlearn from Wang Yangming’s great thoughts.

Edited by Huang Shichuan, Shen Lin