GZU Held a Commencement for 2015 Graduates

(GZU News; updated: 2015-06-30)

The 2015 GZU Graduation Ceremony & Commencement was held at the stadium of the north campus on June 28th.

President Zheng Qiang provided the graduates with a last lesson that each graduates should have ambition and courage in chasing a dream and be active to overcome the challenges.

According to the 2015 graduates document announced by Jin Daochao, Vice President of GZU, there are 24 PhD students, 2027 masters, 6462 undergraduates and 249 junior college students graduating from GZU and starting a career.


Outstanding graduates were awarded in the ceremony and 9 Provincial Outstanding Graduates each were given a lucky kite with inspirational inscriptions by president Zheng Qiang and Yao Xiaoquan, General Secretary of the Party Committee of Guizhou University.


In addition, one of the outstanding alumni gave an inspiring speech and a parent representative and a graduate representative extended their gratitude to GZU in a special way respectively.

Finally in the commencement, president Zheng Qiang gave each graduate a good-bye handshake and took a group photo with them, which lasted about 8 hours.



Edited by Huang Shichuan, Shen Lin