A Lecture by Ouyang Ziyuan
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      The Moon, the earth’s neighbor for 4.5 billion years, still remains mysterious to us. What does it really look like? How were the moon pictures taken? What is deep space exploration? … All these questions await Ouyang Ziyuan, the father of Moon Project, to clarify to GZU audience.


      On May 27th morning, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ouyang Ziyuan gave a lecture on GZU West Campus, themed on Chinese Dream of the Moon Exploration. 

      His lecture fell into several chapters: the moon--- daughter of the earth, No. 1 Chang’e Project--- a start of China’s moon project, subsequent moon exploration project, deep space exploration project---solar system exploration etc. He also reviewed the moon exploration history, especially Apollo Project of the U.S., as well as its huge investment and corresponding economic and social benefits. He also revealed some detailed information and major achievements in China’s moon exploration project.

       He ended his lecture by inviting the youth to stride forward and contribute more to the human being, echoed and responded by heated and prolonged applauses from the audience.