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The College of Foreign Languages was created from the Department of English Language and Literature of the National University of Guizhou (founded originally in 1942, and later called Department of English or Department of Foreign Languages).

The College is divided into six teaching sections: Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Japanese, Department of Business English, Department of Translation, Division of European and Asian Languages Teaching, and Department of College Foreign Languages Teaching, covering the teaching of seven languages, namely, English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Korean, and Spanish.

At present, the College has 191 faculty members, including 168 full-time teachers, among whom there are nine professors, 65 associate professors, 88 lecturers, and six assistant teachers. Eighteen teachers hold doctoral degrees and 16 are doctoral candidates. In addition, over 10 foreign teachers from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other countries teach in the College every year.

There are currently 1,419 students, including 1,140 undergraduates and 279 postgraduates (including 8 international students) in the College. The College offers foreign languages courses, including English, German, French, Russian, and Japanese, to over 20,000 undergraduates as well as master’s and doctoral candidates from 39 other colleges in Guizhou University.

The College has one first-level discipline master's degree program (Foreign Language and Literature), three second-level discipline master's degree programs (English Language and Literature, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and Japanese Language and Literature), and two professional master's degree programs (MTI for English and Japanese and MTCSOL). At present, 15 master’s supervisors are professors and 23 are associate professors, among whom 15 hold a Ph.D. As of the present, these supervisors have presided over four state-level projects, four ministerial-level projects, 20 provincial-level projects, and more than 40 department-level projects. Great progress has been made in the studies of linguistics and applied linguistics, British and American literature, translation studies, second language acquisition, rhetoric, and teaching of Chinese as a foreign language. Through these the College has formed its own academic characteristics. The College has established the Institute of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, the Institute of Japan, the Research Center of Japanese, and the Research Base of Sino-Western Linguistic Philosophy, which provide sound basis for research and enlarge the fields of study.

The College shoulders the responsibility for providing high-level foreign language professionals and offering language intelligence support to the institutions of economy, education, tourism, and foreign affairs in Guizhou province and the whole of western China. In terms of undergraduate education, the College offers four undergraduate programs: English language and literature, Japanese language and literature, translation, and business English. Adhering to the goal of cultivating high-quality multi-disciplinary foreign language professionals and focusing on consolidating students' professional skills, the College has set up internship placements in the Presbyterian College of the United States, Japan Daiwa Language Academy, Japan Jingjin Education Group, Tokyo OLJ Language College, Japanese and Chinese Cultural Arts Academy, and others. The College has also actively promoted the summer-vacation paid internship program in the United States and dispatches students to the United States and Japan every year to pursue further study. The internship experiences have not only improved students’ language skills, cultivated their intercultural communication skills, but have also increased their employment competitiveness. In terms of postgraduate education, while the college strives for the steady development of academic postgraduate education, it also attaches great importance to cultivating high level application-oriented postgraduates. With the goal of training “regional, international, high-level, and application-oriented” specialized talented professionals, the College will comprehensively improve the quality of graduate education and enhance students’ innovation and practical ability, as well as improve their ability to serve the society.

The College has actively promoted international exchange and cooperation, having established stable mechanisms for student exchange with Presbyterian College and Colorado State University in the U.S.; Cardiff University in the U.K.; Yamaguchi University, Hiroshima University, and Musashino University in Japan; and Konyang University in Korea. At present, the College has cooperated with over 10 colleges or universities from the United States, Britain, South Korea, France, Lithuania, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries or regions. In the past three years, through the encouragement of “The Plan of Thousand Students Studying Abroad” in Guizhou, more than 80 undergraduates and postgraduates have been abroad for further study or internships. Three of these students have received funding from China Scholarship Council to study for doctoral degrees in Japan. While the College is continuously enriching and expanding its exchange programs, it also cooperates with the Japanese Consulate-General in Chongqing and Japan International Exchange Foundation by regularly carrying out the Sino-Japanese Cultural Exchange Week, Chinese and foreign food festivals, exchanges between Chinese and Japanese college students, and other activities to enhance students’ knowledge of the cultures of the target language country.

The College has several language test centers authorized by Ministry of Education Examination Center: the IELTS test center, the Cambridge Business English (BEC) test center, the Cambridge Common Grade 5 test center, and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) test center. It is the only provincial foreign languages training center for higher education institutions listed by the Department of Education in Guizhou Province. It is the designated training institution of many organizations in the province, such as the Organization Department of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, the Education Department of Guizhou Province, the Radio and Television Station of Guizhou Province, the Organization Department of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, and Economic and Trade Cooperation Committee of Guizhou Province. The College also conducts various types of training and studying abroad services, such as training programs of BEC, IELTS, Japanese, Korean, College English Test 4 and 6, English for postgraduate and doctor entrance exams, English for pre-departure students, overseas study service, and others. Furthermore, the College has undertaken many translation projects from China-ASEAN Education Exchange Week, Guiyang Ecological Civilization Forum, Guiyang Big Data Expo, and Guiyang World Wine Expo. The College of Foreign Languages has now become an important base for cultivating foreign language talents to serve the local economic and social development of Guizhou as well as the country.

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