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The College of Music, founded in July 2016, has a history of over 60 years reaching back to the School of Art of Guizhou University. Throughout its development the College has gone by different names: Guizhou Arts and Culture Cadre School in the 1950s, the Art Department of Guizhou University, Guizhou Arts School, Guizhou Arts College, and the College of Art, Guizhou University. The College has formed a complete set of professional artistic teaching systems, accumulated a wealth of experience in art education, and trained a large number of middle and high-level art professionals for society.  It has made outstanding contributions to local economic and cultural construction, as well as the development of art education.

The College has three administrative offices: general office, teaching and research affairs office, and student affairs office. It is divided into three departments: Music, Drama, and Dance, as well as one department for the teaching of basic public culture. It offers three first-level discipline master's programs: Artistic Theory, musicology and dancology, and drama and media, as well as one professional master's program: Master of Fine Arts. For undergraduates, there are eight programs: Composition and Theory of Composition Technology, Music Performance, Musicology, Performance, Theatrical Film and Television Directing, Broadcasting and Hosting, Dancology, and Dance Performance. At present, the College has 137 faculty members, including 108 full-time teachers. Among them are six professors, 54 associate professors, 32 postgraduate tutors, one core provincial expert, one school-level academic leader, and one school-level young and middle-aged academic leader. There are more than 1,000 students in the College, including 944 undergraduates and 96 postgraduates.

The College has a teaching building covering an area of 40,000 square meters with 10 art laboratories for performance, virtual studios, audio and visual, digital piano, non-linear programming, mock theater, teaching experimental theater, and others. It also has eight off-campus internship and practice bases. There are more than 20,000 art books and over 10 Chinese and foreign journals in the College library.

In its long-term educational practice, and with the university motto in mind, the College has highlighted the importance of teaching and strived to serve local economic and cultural formation. The College has developed complete and well-structured programs featuring Guizhou’s regional culture and artistic characteristics. Integrating openness with diversity and theory with practice, the College has cultivated a large number of excellent artistic talents.

In order to fully exhibit the characteristics and advantages of its disciplines, the College has successively offered the following general knowledge development courses: “Drama Appreciation and Drama Art”, “Literature and Television Adaptation”, “Appreciation of Dance”, “Appreciation of Drama and Film Works”, “Appreciation of World Ethnic Music”, “Appreciation of Symphony”, and “Appreciation and Creation of Drama and Film”, which has effectively improved the artistic and cultural accomplishments of the students.

With a dual educational philosophy of promoting teaching through scientific research and transforming achievements into social benefits, the College strives to balance program design and research to create a good working environment and effective incentive mechanism. It not only encourages teachers to positively carry out artistic research but also improves their scientific research awareness and creative enthusiasm. As a result, fruitful results have been achieved. In the past five years the College has presided over 10 state-level research projects and more than 40 provincial-level research projects, published over 10 monographs and more than 300 papers, and performed over 300 public performances. The teachers and students have won more than 100 gold, silver, and bronze awards in provincial and ministerial professional art competition.

Having ascribed great importance to the employment of graduates, the College has established a complete employment service system, offering students employment lectures, guidance activities, and counseling and remote services. As a result, the employment competitiveness of students has increased. In recent years, the employment rate of postgraduates in the College has reached 100%, and that of undergraduates has reached over 96%. For more than 60 years, the College has produced nearly 10,000 graduates who have always been esteemed by employers throughout the country. Most of them have become the backbone of Guizhou art troupes and enterprises.

In the new era, the College of Music will cultivate excellent art professionals gaining a firm foothold in Guizhou, while striving to make itself a first-class art college with its own distinctive features in Guizhou and all of China.

Bachelor's Programs

Music Performance
Composition and Theories of Composition
Dance Performance
Film and Television Directing
Broadcasting and Hosting

Master's Programs

Music (Professional Degree)
Theory of Art
Music and Dance Studies
Theatre and Film Research  

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