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Beginning as the Department of Arts of Guizhou University in the 1950s, the College of Fine Arts was founded in July 2016. Guizhou Art School, Guizhou Arts College, and College of Arts of Guizhou University were names of the College in its different developmental stages. The College of Fine Arts offered the earliest fine arts master’s program in Guizhou Province. The Plastic Arts Center of the College is a provincial teaching demonstration center. The College has been approved as a provincial “Fine Arts Talent Cultivation Base of Guizhou”, which is the first provincial talent cultivation base in the humanities disciplines in Guizhou since the founding of PRC.

As a teaching institution to train advanced fine arts professionals, the College has a history of more than 60 years. There are three first-level discipline master’s programs (MFA); arts theory, fine arts, and design. For undergraduate majors, programs in painting, photography, sculpture, visual communication design, environmental design, apparel and apparel design, product design, and animation are offered. Teachers in the College have been recognized for their professional contributions and rich teaching experience. The faculty body includes seven professors and 22 associate professors. These include 21 masters’ tutors, one of whom is receiving provincial government allowances, one provincial expert, and two young and middle aged academic core teachers.  Presently there are 1,061 full-time students, including 146 postgraduates and 915 undergraduates in the college. In recent years, the College has participated in foreign academic exchanges with universities such as Lincoln University (UK), Maranatha Christian University (Indonesia), and Chinese Culture University (Taiwan).

Education Concept: fully implement the education policy of the CPC and the country; adhere to the direction of socialism education; strengthen moral education; help teachers achieve more, and improve students on the basis of quality education. Focusing on the goal of “Building a comprehensive and high-level university with regional characteristics which is influential at home and abroad”, the College strives to make itself a teaching and research-oriented college featuring its regional cultural characteristics as well as its discipline advantages. After constant educational reform, the College, taking its root in Guizhou, Southwest China, is forging ahead to serve the country and the world.

Education Emphasis: consolidate core position of the undergraduate education; vigorously develop graduate education, and actively promote international education.  The College will continue to expand multi-level and opening channels for education, and strive to open special classes to teach Guizhou ethnic culture and arts as well as train local cadres to meet the needs of social development for all types of talents.

Education Objectives: in accordance with the principles of “solid foundation, strong ability, high quality, and innovation”, the aim of the College is to cultivate high-quality professional artists. Graduates of the College demonstrate social responsibility, team spirit, and innovative thinking. Graduates also have solid theoretical knowledge and practical skills to meet the needs of the country’s cultural and artistic undertakings as well as the needs of social and economic development.

The Department of Design offers four undergraduate majors: visual communication design, environmental design, fashion design, and product design. Adhering to the teaching concept of “design is the future,” it has cultivated thousands of talented professionals who have won over 500 awards at home and abroad. The Department has influences in the design industry in Guizhou province as well as Southwest China and has effectively promoted the development of regional creative design and cultural industry.

The Department of Painting offers three majors: oil painting, Chinese traditional painting, and printmaking. It aims to cultivate talented professionals with solid modeling ability, the knowledge of basic theories, independent creation ability, and research ability, Graduates of the department are expected to engage in teaching, creation and research in the fields of culture and arts, education, and research.

The predecessor of the Department of Sculpture was the Sculpture Workshop of the Guizhou Arts College. It was founded in 1986 by Chinese sculptor Tian Shixin. It is the only teaching institution for sculpture among the art colleges of Guizhou Province.  There are two major concentrations in the department: traditional realistic sculpture and modern integrated sculpture. The core courses in the Department of Sculpture are clay sculpture, sketching, artistic anatomy, urban sculpture design, landscape design, and pottery.  By teaching students to create with mud, wood, stone, metal, and other special materials concretely and abstractly, the department aims to cultivate advanced professional artists who are engaged in professional design, production and professional teaching, and research in fields including public outdoor sculpture and on-shelf sculpture.

The Department of Digital Media has two majors: animation and photography. With the educational concept of 'put theory and practice first' and with innovation as its core, it adheres to people-oriented education and scientific development. Working toward internationalization, it integrates the cultivation of science, art, and humanities. The Department aims to train creative artists with higher artistic achievement, professional theoretical knowledge and skills, and a familiarity with various media materials.

After years of construction and development, the College has accumulated rich teaching experience and trained a large number of middle and high-level art professionals who are actively engaged in societal improvement. Many students have won gold, silver, and bronze awards in art exhibitions at home and abroad. The College has made positive contributions to the country’s artistic culture and the building of socialist spiritual civilization.

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