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As the only master degree authorization unit of tourism management in Guizhou Province, the College of Tourism and Cultural Industry of Guizhou University is a key teaching and research base for all high-caliber talents specialized in this field. In August 2013, the College was officially established owing to program adjustment. There are 39 faculty members, including 33 full-time teachers, among whom, there are five professors and 10 associate professors, as well as 10 PhD owners, 8 PhD candidates, and 19 master’s degree owners.

There are management, teaching and research divisions in the College. The management division consists of general office, teaching and research office, student affairs office, and CCYL committee. The teaching division is composed of two departments: cultural industry management department and tourism management department, a laboratory, and off-campus internship bases. The research division consists of Tourism and Cultural Industry Development Institute, Smart Tourism and Tourism Big Data Institute, Tourism Real Estate Institute, Tourism Economy Research Center, Colorful Guizhou Tourism Culture and Poetry Creation Research Center, Think Tank for Tourism and Cultural Industry Development of Gui'an New Area, Gui'an New Area Tourism and Cultural Industry Development Institute, Gui'an New Area Tourism and Cultural Industry Talent Training Center, Gui'an New Area All-for-one Tourism Global Promotion Development Center, and Gui’an New Area Tourism and Cultural Creative Products R&D Center. The laboratory of the College was built in 2014, including 8 sub-laboratories, which are Total Information Capacity Laboratory, Photographic Arts and Film Culture Laboratory, Body and Etiquette Culture Laboratory, Case Analysis Room, Research Platform and Computer Room. They provide a solid equipment support and sound environment for undergraduate teaching and teachers' research.

The College attaches great importance to foreign exchanges and cooperation. Since 2003, it has established a long-term and stable talents training and exchange mechanism with the Perpignan University and Montpellier University in France. Up till now, the College has sent 82 students to study in France. The employment of the College has maintained a fine trend, reaching 98.57% in 2017. Moreover, 7.14% undergraduate students passed the postgraduate entrance exam and 9 excellent graduates were admitted to master’s programs via recommendations.

With the aim of “deepening education reform, promoting discipline development and building a teaching and research-oriented college”, the College highlights its educational characteristic of “serving national strategy based on Guizhou by practice and making knowledge and action as one”. With the “2026 Winning the Future” Guizhou tourism talent training program as its carrier, the College sets the goal of cultivating creative and inter-disciplinary talents with “profound cultural knowledge, good sense of innovation, broad global outlook and solid professional knowledge”. Students are also expected to be “not only all-around but also specialized” and to be “competent, courageous, professional and innovative”. The College is building itself into a first rate base for tourism and cultural industry management talent cultivation and scientific research in western China.

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