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The College of Physical Education of Guizhou University was founded in 2013. It first merged with the Military Sports Department of Guizhou Agricultural University in 1997, and then merged with the former Department of Sports Work of Guizhou University of Technology in 2004. The College has 70 faculty members, among whom, 56 are full-time teachers. There are two teachers who hold Ph.D. degrees, 31 teachers who hold master’s degrees, one PhD candidate, six professors, 27 associate professors, two master supervisors, and one Guizhou provincial expert. One teacher has been awarded the Provincial Distinguished Teacher title, two are provincial-level academic leaders in philosophy and social sciences, one is a national outstanding teacher, and six are national referees. The College has sports fields, stadiums, and gymnasiums (all with complete facilities), covering an area of 212,127 square meters. It is one of the most modern sports teaching bases in Southwest China with an integration of teaching, training, competitions, and large-scale activities.

The College offers two undergraduate programs in physical education and leisure sports, one master’s degree program in sports, and one second-level discipline master's degree program in traditional sports of ethnic minorities. It boasts four high-level teams in track and field, basketball, table tennis, and football. The college undertakes the physical education for sports majors and physical education for all the students of Guizhou University. It is also responsible for the organization and supervision of the National Student Physical Fitness Health Standard test, the high-level sports team training and competition, and extracurricular sports activities. The College began recruiting undergraduate students in 2007 and graduate students in 2013. There are currently more than 400 students on campus and the employment rate of graduates has reached 100% in the past three years.

As the sports culture research base of the Sports Culture Research Center of the General Administration of Sport of China and the training base of traditional sports of ethnic minorities of Guizhou Province, the College has developed its featured disciplines and research on the traditional sports of ethnic minorities. In the past five years, the College has undertaken four philosophy and social science projects of Guizhou Province, two projects under the special funds of the governor of Guizhou Province, six projects from the Sports Culture Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, and two projects of humanities and social sciences of the Education Department of Guizhou Province.

The College successively hosted the WSB World Boxing Championship, the Ninth National Minority Games, and the Ninth Sports Games in Guizhou Province. Among them, the World Boxing Championship and the Ninth National Minority Games were honored to be numbered in the top ten sports highlights of Guizhou Province since the establishment of the P.R.C. In the last three years, the College has made great achievements in athletic sports, winning 26 awards in national sports competitions and 128 gold medals in provincial sports competitions. One student was selected to join in the national team. The competition level has always been first-rate among the universities of Guizhou Province. The College has been awarded and honored with the "National Outstanding Organization for School Sports" and the "National Outstanding Organization for Mass Sports, 2013-2016" by the Ministry of Education and the General Administration of Sport of China.

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