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The College of Mathematics and Statistics of Guizhou University was established in April 2016. Mathematics is one of the oldest disciplines in Guizhou University and can be traced back to the National Institute of Arts and Sciences of Guizhou University in 1942. The College is composed of the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Statistics, the Department of College Mathematics, and the Department of Preparatory Studies. There are currently 74 faculty members, including one expert receiving special allowance from the State Council, one expert receiving special allowance from the provincial government, two provincial experts, one outstanding teacher who has received the Baogang Award by the Ministry of Education, one provincial outstanding science & technology youth, and one provincial outstanding science & technology innovation talent. The College has 11 professors, 20 associate professors and 22 PhDs. There are now 822 students on campus, including 275 ethnic minority students studying in the preparatory program, 445 undergraduates (including 50 in excellent minorities classes), 82 postgraduates, and 20 doctoral candidates.

The College has one provincial-level key discipline in Basic Mathematics; a key discipline of Guizhou Province, in Mathematics; a first-level discipline doctoral program in Mathematics; and three secondary disciplines doctoral programs in Basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Operational Research and Cybernetics; a professional master's degree program in Application Statistics; a post-doctoral research station in Mathematics; a provincial scientific research innovation team (mathematical model and related theory of complex systems in Guizhou Province); one provincial key laboratory (Key Laboratory of Game Decision-Making and Control System); one provincial engineering center (Reliability Engineering Center); and five research institutes (Mathematical Institute, Applied Mathematics Institute, System Science and Information Technology Research Institute, Industrial Economic Research Institute, and Urban Traffic Management Technology Research Center).

In recent years, adhering to the concept of promoting teaching through scientific research, the College has undertaken 15 projects of the Natural Science Foundation and three provincial or ministerial-level key projects. Meanwhile, it has won two second place prizes and one third place prize for scientific and technological progress in Guizhou Province. The College has published 128 SCI (or EI) papers, two academic monographs, one graduate textbook, and has obtained three national patents, and eight software copyrights.

The College offers three undergraduate programs in mathematics and applied mathematics, information and computational sciences, and statistics; one undergraduate program for excellent ethnic minority students; and one preparatory class for ethnic minorities at Guizhou University. More than 300 students are enrolled annually in the college. The college owns a provincial teaching team (College Mathematics) and undertakes the teaching of college mathematics courses to mathematics majors and non-majors. Oriented towards cultivating talented professionals, the College has developed a tradition of “being a model of virtue, rigorous scholarship, and learning while teaching” among teachers, and an environment of “self-improving, truth-seeking, innovation, and courage” among students.

In terms of postgraduate education, the College aims to cultivate application-oriented professionals with solid foundations, high caliber, and strong competence. It has 28 doctoral and master supervisors and enrolls more than 40 doctoral and master’s students each year. The college strives to consolidate and improve the teaching platform and postgraduate cultivation system. For postgraduates of different types and stages, different guidance is provided accordingly.

The College has held frequent academic exchanges with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Chongqing University, and other universities and research institutes in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Teachers and researchers are selected and funded every year to go abroad for further study or research, while world-renowned experts are invited to give lectures at the college.

The College has become an important base and cradle for specialists in mathematics and statistics in Guizhou Province.

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