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The College of Life Science was founded in April 1998. Previously, the College had been known as the College of Biotechnology as well as the School of Biological and Environmental Sciences of Guizhou University. In October 2004, the School was renamed the College of Life Science under the framework of the “211” Engineering University. After discipline adjustment in 2013, the current College of Life Science came into being.

The College has 460 undergraduate students, 270 postgraduate students (including 40 doctoral students), and three postdoctoral fellows. There are three undergraduate programs in biology science, biotechnology, and ecology; one first-level postdoctoral research station in biology; two first-level discipline doctorate programs in biology and ecology; and three first-level discipline master's degree programs in biology, ecology, and biological engineering. The College has one first-class state-level discipline in biology, two provincial-level distinctive and key disciplines in biology and bioengineering, and two provincial-class key disciplines in microbiology and plant physiology and biochemistry. It boasts three provincial Science and Technology Innovation Talent Teams such as the Team of Stress-Resistent Breeding of Distinctive Plants of Guizhou Province, the Team of Plant Genetic Engineering of Guizhou Province, and the Team of Restoration of Degraded Vegetation Ecosystems of Guizhou Province. The College's research platforms include the Key Laboratory of Protection and Germplasm Innovation of Mountain Plants, Ministry of Education; the Collaborative Innovation Center of Mountain Ecology and Agricultural Bioengineering of Guizhou Province; the Modern Industrial Technology Research and Development Center of Chinese Herbal Medicines of Guizhou Province; the Institute of Fungi Resources of Guizhou University; Bamboo Research Institute; and Natural Museum and Analysis and Test Center. Supplied with advanced equipment, all of these research platforms have provided a sound base for personnel training and scientific research.

There are 70 faculty members in the College. Among them are 18 professors, 16 associate professors, and five senior experimentalists. There are 37 teachers who hold doctor's degrees and 21 who hold master's degrees, among which six are doctoral supervisors and 26 master's supervisors. The College also has one member of the Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, four teachers receiving Special Allowances from the State Council, two core experts of Guizhou Province, five provincial experts, six academic/decipline leaders, one national model teacher, two provincial excellent teachers, and two provincial distinguished teachers.

In recent years, the College has undertaken dozens of scientific research projects at national, ministerial, and provincial levels, with a total project funding of 100 million yuan. These projects include those funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Key R&D Plan, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the Special Program for National Major Basic Research, the National “948” Program, the International Science and Technology Cooperation Program, Major Special Science and Technology Project of Guizhou Province and the High-level Innovation Talent Training Programs of Guizhou Province. The faculty and staff of the College have been awarded more than 20 ministerial and provincial scientific research achievement awards and teaching achievement awards. They have published about 1,000 research papers in academic journals at home and abroad, as well as about 30 academic monographs and college textbooks. In addition, they have obtained more than 30 national invention patents.

Focusing on the needs of regional economic development and personnel training, the College has carried out basic and applied research in biosystematics and resource utilization, physiological, biochemical and metabolic regulation, molecular biology and genetic engineering, natural product chemistry and drug development, biotechnology and germplasm innovation, and mountain biological diversity and ecological restoration. At the same time, the College has promoted the cultivation of high-end talented researchers and local socio-economic development. It has done this by taking advantages of its vast fields of study and by integrating its development with the “five business cards” of Guizhou – five industries famous far and wide – tobacco, alcohol, tea, ethnic medicine, and ecotourism.

With enthusiasm and a positive attitude, all faculty and staff of the College of Life Sciences have made great effort to cultivate high-caliber talented professionals and provide scientific and technological support for the country, the society, and the Guizhou Province.

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