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The current College of Mechanical Engineering of Guizhou University is the successor of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Guizhou Institute of Technology (originally established in 1958). After Guizhou University merged with Guizhou University of Technology in 2004, the new College of Mechanical Engineering was established, incorporating the former College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation of Guizhou University of Technology and the former Department of Engineering Technology of Guizhou University. Currently, the College consists of a wide range of specialized departments, including the Division of Teaching and Research of Mechanical Drawing, the Division of Teaching and Research of Basic Mechanics, the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing, the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Mechanical Design, the Department of Vehicle Engineering, the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Information Engineering, the Department of Material Molding, the Department of Agricultural Machinery, the Department of Industrial Design, and the Experimental Center. In addition, it has a number of research institutes in specified areas related to friction & lubrication, surface engineering, robotics and intelligent equipment, mountain agriculture intelligent equipment, and industrial design.

At present, there are more than 180 faculty members in the discipline of mechanical engineering (more than 120 from the College of Mechanical Engineering, the rest from Key Laboratory for Modern Manufacturing Technology and the Engineering Training Center for Academic Mechanical Engineering). Among the faculty members there are 36 professors, 63 associate professors, two experts honored as National Outstanding Contributions Young Expert, three experts granted with Special Allowance from the State Council, one teacher recruited as New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education, three members from Higher Education Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, five experts honored as provincial experts in Guizhou, four teachers awarded Distinguished Teacher in Guizhou, two teachers recruited as One-hundred High-level Innovative Talents in Guizhou, one teacher recruited as One-Thousand Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents, and five teachers honored as Guizhou Outstanding Youth Talents in Science and Technology. Currently, there are more than 2,000 undergraduates, more than 500 graduate students, and more than 30 doctoral students.

Mechanical engineering, a provincial characteristic key discipline, has been selected as one of the top-ranking disciplines in China for the "Discipline Group of Big Data Discipline and Technology". Mechanical manufacturing & automation is seen as a provincial-level key discipline. The College offers a first-level discipline master’s program, doctoral program, and postdoctoral research station in mechanical engineering and a first-level discipline master’s program in design. It is also authorized to confer specialized master's degrees in mechanical engineering, industrial design engineering, and engineering management. The first-level discipline master's degree in mechanical engineering covers five sub-disciplines: mechanical manufacturing & automation, mechanical & electrical engineering, vehicle engineering, mechanical design & theory, and material processing engineering. The first-level discipline doctoral program in mechanical engineering covers five sub-disciplines: mechanical manufacturing & automation, mechanical & electrical engineering, mechanical design & theory, material and structural strength, as well as industrial engineering & management.

   The College offers four undergraduate programs: mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation; material forming and control engineering; agricultural mechanization and automation; and industrial design. Designated a first-class major with specialties under the Ministry of Education, mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation is geared to develop outstanding engineers and serves as a model major of Guizhou Province. Agricultural machinery and automation is one of the characteristic majors of Guizhou Province. Machinery manufacturing and automation and material molding and control engineering are two model majors of Guizhou Province.

Certified in the field of engineering education, mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation has been selected as a top characteristic program of Guizhou Province. The platform of experimental teaching has also been selected as a top characteristic program nationwide. The program covers six areas of specialization: mechanical manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineering, vehicle engineering, engineering machinery, mechanical and electrical information engineering, and intelligent manufacturing. Material forming and control engineering includes two major emphases: mold design and manufacturing and foundry engineering. Industrial design covers two major fields: product design and visual communication design.

The College, undertaking more than 10 national-level education reform projects such as National Excellent Courses, National-Level Teaching Teams, National Characteristic Programs, National Excellent Engineers Training, and National New Engineering Construction, has been actively promoting the construction of “New Engineering” and building a “143” innovative talent training system in order to build an open source platform for the cultivation of innovative talents, a virtual simulation experimental center, and a digital  platform for research and development for intelligent manufacturing via military-civilian integration.

The College actively participates in the construction of the National Key Laboratory of Public Big Data through planning and preparing. Current key platforms for scientific and technological research include: Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Ministry of Education), National Education Demonstration Base of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Colleges & Universities (an education base of innovation and entrepreneurship for high-end equipment manufacturing via Military-civilian Integration), Guizhou Key Laboratory of Internet based Collaborative Intelligent Manufacturing, Guizhou Collaborative Innovation Center of High-end Equipment Technology via Military-civilian Integration, Guizhou Research and Engineering Center for Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, etc.

Additionally, in partnership with businesses through collaborative efforts in production, teaching, and research, the College has established the following centers: National Precision Micro-motor Engineering Technology Center, Guizhou Large-scale Air Conditioning Energy-saving Control Engineering Research Center, Guizhou Low-speed Electric Vehicle Engineering Technology Research Center, etc. In recent five years, the College has won three provincial science and technology achievement awards, and more than 100 patent authorizations. More than 800 papers (including over 200 accepted by SCI/El) and 12 monographs/tutorials were published.

The College has also undertaken more than 300 scientific research projects at all levels, including one key project of national 863 program, eight special projects of national 973 program and national science and technology support plans, and more than 50 national and ministerial commission projects related to National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Development and Reform Commission. In total, the College has received funds of over 100 million yuan.

Additionally, the College has been pursuing a great number of national-level first-class research projects: manufacturing information systems based on SOA and IoT technology, a fully-automatic production line for traditional Chinese medicine preparation, large equipment for picking cotton, and a production line for super-voltage and high-strength porcelain insulators. Some leading technologies are best demonstrated in the following equipment: "all-terrain vehicle", "cotton picker", "pumping unit", "multi-standard integrating sorting machine", "assembling machine for tunnel arch centering", "baking equipment for special agricultural products", "engineering vehicle for emergency rescue and removing obstacle", and "new energy vehicle". Moreover, NC fillet rolling equipment for manufacturing high-strength fasteners is designated as special equipment for developing supporting fasteners for national large aircraft. The BKS central air conditioning energy management system has been successfully incorporated in more than 200 projects such as Shanghai Metro and Guiyang Airport, saving comprehensive energy by 20% or above.

During its course of development, the College has formed a rigorous academic style and has trained a large number of high-quality and outstanding talented professionals for academic schools, business sectors, and political arena. Thus, it has become an important bedrock for training high-level talents in national machinery engineering. At present, given the rapid development of the equipment manufacturing industry and the fast economic growth of China, the College has been working arduously to reach the goal of "China Manufacturing 2025". To accomplish this, the College has stayed upbeat and open-minded, thus making fruitful achievements in discipline construction, personnel training, scientific research, faculty development and social services, and enhancing the school's administrative capacity as well as it competitiveness. This progression enables the College to offer better education while elevating its role in national and regional affairs.

As the College has become more admired for its fame and influence in the country, it has become a more appealing base for outstanding teachers and students from home and abroad. The College has made itself known as an influential base for training, scientific research, academic exchanges, and social services.

Bachelor's Programs

Agricultural Mechanization and its Automation
Mechanical Design-manufacture and Automation
Industrial Design
Material Processing and Control Engineering

Master's Programs

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (Professional Degree)
Industrial Design Engineering

Doctoral's Programs

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Mechatronic Engineering
Mechanical Design and Theory

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