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The Mining College of Guizhou University was formerly known as the Department of Mining of Guizhou Institute of Technology (later renamed Guizhou University of Technology). Established in 1958, it has a history of 60 years. The College currently offers five undergraduate programs: Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing Engineering, Mineral Resources Engineering, Safety Engineering, and Surveying and Mapping Engineering. It offers three first-level discipline master's programs: Mining Engineering, Safety Science and Engineering, and Surveying Science and Technology. Under these there are nine second-level discipline master's programs: Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing Engineering, Mineral Resources (Development and Utilization of Mineral Resources), Safety Science, Safety Technology, Safety System Engineering, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Geodesy and Survey Engineering, and Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering. The College also offers one professional master's program in Mining Engineering and three doctoral programs in three second-level disciplines: Mineral Resources, Materials, and Materials Processing Engineering.

As of April 2018, the College has 872 full-time students, including 680 undergraduates, 180 master’s candidates, and 12 doctoral candidates. There are 80 faculty members, of which 60 are full-time teachers. These include 12 professors and 19 associate professors. Twenty-five hold Ph.D. degrees, 28 hold master's degrees, one teacher has been recruited as the Ministry of Education's New Century Talents, two are Guizhou provincial experts, three are outstanding young scientific and technological talents of Guizhou province, 34 are master supervisors, and three are doctoral supervisors.

The College has four professional laboratories: mining engineering laboratory, ventilation and safety engineering laboratory, mineral processing engineering laboratory, and surveying and mapping engineering laboratory. There is one joint national/local innovation platform: National Engineering Laboratory for the Efficient Utilization of  Mineral Resources in Karst Areas, and four laboratory platforms: Guizhou Provincial Key Laboratory for the Comprehensive Utilization of Non-metallic Mineral Resources,Guizhou Provincial Key Laboratory for the Efficient Utilization of Advantageous Mineral Resources, Guizhou Provincial Safety Technology Engineering Center for the Exploitation of Mines with Complex Geology, and Guizhou University Gas Disaster Prevention and CBM Development Institute.

Adhering to the administrative principle of “moral-orientation, quality-orientation, development of student, success of teacher", the College has achieved substantial development in major designation, program design, scientific research platform construction, experimental platform construction, teacher team construction, as well as teaching and curriculum system construction.  In 1992, the second-level discipline of mining engineering was recognized as the first-batch key discipline of Guizhou Province. In 2007, the mining engineering major was recognized as the second-class characteristic specialty of the Ministry of Education. In 2008, the mineral processing engineering major was recognized as the characteristic specialty of Guizhou Province and the safety engineering major was recognized as the characteristic specialty of Guizhou University. Also in 2008, “The Comprehensive Utilization and Deep Processing of the Advantageous Phosphate Resources in Guizhou” was listed as the third-phase key construction discipline of Project 211. In 2012 the mining engineering major was on the list of the education training program for outstanding engineers of the Ministry of Education. Also in 2012, the first-level discipline of mining engineering was listed among the first key special disciplines of Guizhou Province. In January 2015 and January 2017, the mining engineering major and mineral processing engineering major, passed accreditation of the China Engineering Education Professional Certification respectively. At the end of 2017, the mining engineering major was identified as the first-class specialty of Guizhou Province. In 2018, the mineral processing engineering major was listed in the first batch of “New Engineering” research and practice projects by the Ministry of Education.

In terms of teaching, the College has a rigorous, truth-seeking, and teaching-oriented faculty; implements the training model of excellent engineer; and focuses on cultivating outstanding engineers with strong innovative abilities who can adapt to the needs of enterprises. In terms of research, the College has a scientific research team that dares to innovate and never yields in spite of setbacks. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the College has undertaken 174 scientific research projects at different levels funded by the National Science and Technology Support Plan, the “863” Program Special Project, the National Natural Science Foundation, and some other provincial and ministerial-level programs. The College has reaped great scientific research achievement and established cooperation and exchange relations with universities and research institutes in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and other countries and regions. The College has always focused on cultivating students’ innovation and entrepreneurship and has won many awards at the national and provincial levels.

Facing the future, the College will take “the cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the province in developing Guizhou University” as an opportunity to cultivate talented professionals and strive to build itself into a teaching and research college with distinctive features.

Bachelor's Programs

Surveying and Mapping Engineering
Mineral Engineering
Mineral Processing Engineering
Safety Engineering
Mineral Resources Engineering

Master's Programs

Science and Technology of Surveying and Mapping
Mineral Engineering
Safety Science and Engineering
Mineral Engineering (Professional Degree)   

Doctoral's Programs

Mineral Resource Science
Materials Science
Materials Processing Engineering

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