College of Resource and Environment Engineering
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The College of Resources and Environmental Engineering of Guizhou University was established to meet the demands for scientific and technological development and talents in the process of economic and social development of the Karst Area. With program design and social service as the breaking point, supported by the team and research base, the College has been efficiently working towards training talents, carrying out scientific research, and offering social service. Formerly established as the Department of Geology and then the Department of Resources Engineering and School of Resources and Environmental Engineering under Guizhou Institute of Technology (Guizhou University of Technology), the College has experienced about 60 years' construction and development. At present, it features in Geoscience, Geological Engineering, Environmental Engineering and other related disciplines. It has developed to be a teaching and research college with social influence and distinctive regional features.

The College has 96 faculty members. Among them, six are professors, 28 are associate professors, 12 are doctoral supervisors, two are provincial experts, two are outstanding science-technology talents and one is enlisted in the Provincial Top 100 Talent Program. Of all the full-time teachers, 63% holds doctor’s degree. The College currently has 1,218 undergraduate students, 267 master’s candidates, and 38 Ph.D. candidates.

The College boasts the key disciplines which are included in the 3rd-phase National 211 Program, the National Key Discipline Construction Program of Western and Central China, the “One Province One School” Program, and the World-Class Discipline Construction Program. It has four academic departments: Department of Geoscience, Departnment of Geological Engineering, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Department of Hydrology and Ground Water Engineering, offering 6 undergraduate programs: Resources Exploration Engineering, Exploration Technology and Engineering, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Geographical Information Science. Among them, the Resource Exploration Engineering is listed as the demonstration program for undergraduates’ education in Guizhou Province and also one of the programs for Excellent Engineer Training Project in Guizhou.  The College has five well-equipped teaching laboratories for undergraduate program, and it has Chemical Engineering and Environmental Research Testing Center of Guizhou University and Guizhou University-Zhengxia Company Joint Engineering Detection Technology Center, with 800 sets of equipment worth of around 34 million yuan.

The College has one doctoral program of first-level discipline and one postdoctoral research station (Geology) and three master’s programs of first-level disciplines in Geology, Geological Resources and Geological Engineering (including 12 secondary-level discipline master's programs), and 2 professional master's programs in Geological Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Additionally, the College has three provincial-level key (feature) disciplines: Geology, Geological Resources and Geological Engineering, and Environmental Science and Engineering. There are some research platforms, such as the Ministry of Land and Resources key Laboratory of Karst Environment and Geohazard Prevention, 4 Guizhou provincial key laboratories and provincial demonstration centers of experimental teaching, one national science popularization & education base, and 29 practice and training bases. Now there are two provincial-level teams for scientific and technological innovation. The innovation platform, integrating production with study and research, has become a major training base for senior professional and technical personnel in fields such as mineral resources exploration, geological engineering, environmental science and engineering and hydrology and water resources in Guizhou province and in Southwestern China.

Through years of efforts, the College has gained competitive edges in areas such as paleontology and stratigraphy, exploration and evaluation of advantageous sedimentary mineral resources, geology and disaster prevention and control in karst mountainous areas, environmental pollution and control of mine, ecological restoration and reconstruction of karst environment, karst water resources and water environment. Since 2013, the College has won more than 130 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Natural Science Foundation of Guizhou Province, and other government-sponsored research projects. The College has also offered some 1,000 social services (solid mineral exploration and estimation of mineral resources below construction projects, geological disaster assessment and control, soil and water conservation, environmental impact assessment, environmental governance, environmental monitoring, cleaner production audit, assessment of project of energy conservation and resource audit). Moreover, the College, owing to the scientific research projects, has won one first prize, two second prizes, and three third prizes of Guizhou Science and Technology Progress Award. More than 400 theses and eight academic monographs were published in the core academic journals.

The graduates of the College can choose to start their career in industries such as exploration and development of mineral resources, geological exploration design and construction for various construction projects (road projects, underground and tunnel projects), environmental protection and pollution regulation (environmental monitoring and environmental governance), investigation design and plan for hydrology and water resources and the application development and research of GIS (geographic information system). For years, the graduates have become the backbone of the industries, corporations and departments they work for, making great contribution to China’s economic development.

Bachelor's Programs

Geographic Information Science
Exploration Technology and Engineering
Resources Exploration Engineering
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science

Master's Programs

Mineral Prospecting and Exploration
Environmental Science and Engineering
Land Resource Management
Geological Engineering (Professional Degree)
Environmental Engineering (Professional Degree)   

Doctoral's Programs

Mineralogy, Petrology, Ore Deposits
Paleontology and Stratigraphy

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